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A Month’s Investment for a Year of Impact.

During the month of November, while the children are on school break, the academies continue to welcome them in for breakfast and devotions each morning. The rest of the days are devoted to teacher training, lesson planning, and team building for the new school year, which begins in January according to the Guatemalan academic calendar. […]

Photo of the Week

We believe in deep relationships – in listening, knowing, and honoring the stories of community members, staff, donors, and partners. (Photo by JP Soto Photography)

Photo of the Week

We stand with the marginalized people of La Limonada and with the committed staff of Vidas Plenas. (Photo by Silent Images)

Announcing Our New Executive Director

Thank you for walking with us as our co-founder Bill Cummings made the decision to transition out of his role as executive director into his role as an emeritus board member. After a prayerful and diligent search process, the Lemonade International Board of Directors has selected Charles Knox as our next executive director. Charles comes […]

Celebrate What You Made Possible – 2016 Donor Impact Report

Bold For Change in La Limonada

There is no question that women have had a tremendous impact on history. Eric Metaxas recently wrote a book about seven such women whose bold faith, self-sacrifice, and deep love for Jesus sent ripple effects through the world. We read the stories of Mother Teresa, Hannah More, Corrie ten Boom, and others with awe. They […]

Announcing a Transition

In 2008, four friends began a partnership with Tita Evertsz and the ministry of Vidas Plenas in the La Limonada community of Guatemala City. For nine years, Bill Cummings has led Lemonade International in the role of Executive Director. In that time, God has grown the work in La Limonada from a handful of children […]

Prevention and Rescue

Lemonade International shares the vision of our Guatemalan partner organization, Vidas Plenas, to break the cycles of poverty, violence, and injustice in La Limonada through gospel-centered education, gang prevention, and community relief so those most in need can live full lives and experience transformation. Broken families, abuse, drugs, and peer pressure begin drawing the children […]

Field Trip to God’s Heart – Part 1

The following is a guest post from Aixa de López. Aixa is a graphic designer and the wife of Alex López, Associate Pastor of Fraternidad Cristiana in Guatemala City. She said, “The closer I am drawn to the cross, the more clearly I understand I am as poor and needy as the ones I yearn […]

First Day Of School

Yesterday, January 14th, was the first day of school in Guatemala which means that the Limon and Mandarina schools were back to being filled with the sounds of learning and laughter. Registration was last week and classes filled up quickly. Students that attended school last year were automatically re-enrolled this year, but some classes had […]

Photo of the Week

Last night Vidas Plenas was awarded with $64,102 by the Juan Bautista Guitiérrez Grant. Thank you everyone!

Great News – Finalist For Grant In Guatemala

As a result of some of the new relationships that have been established (as we shared with you in this post), Tita was made aware of a grant from Fundación Juan Bautista Gutiérrez that is awarded to NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) in Guatemala each year to feed and educate children living in poverty. The team in Guatemala followed […]

Miriam*: Providence over hopelessness

Miriam stumbled into the vocational training program without a single plan, or recourse for her future. Hers is a story of brokenness interceded by providence, again and again. At 29, Miriam is a victim of longtime severe physical and sexual abuse, and a mother of 3, with one on the way. Just a year and […]

Significant Increase in Donations Received in Guatemala

It has always been a passion of Tita’s to see Guatemalans more fully engaged in giving to support the work in La Limonada. We’re grateful to report that the Vidas Plenas ministry has experienced a significant increase in financial donations and donations of goods received from local Guatemalans this year. From local produce vendors to […]

Web Design and Graphic Design – 100% Pro Bono

Over the years we’ve received many compliments on our graphic design and web design and each time I’m reminded how blessed we are to have had such excellent work done by people who have done it all for free. From our original logo design done by Justin Stewart and the web design done by Donnie […]

Photo of the Week

Article in Guatemala City Newspaper: “The Future Of La Limonada”

The following appeared in the January 29th Sunday edition of Nuestro Diario – Guatemala’s number one newspaper (pictured above). Just two pages before this article, there was a write-up about Diego Chic’s death and major violence in La Limonada. This article follows by bringing hope to the community as a whole. Featuring Priscila Yool – […]

Photo Of The Week

Registration at the Límon school in La Limonada. Teachers parents and children are gearing up for the new school year.

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