One community. Deep relationships. Standing in solidarity.

Our Mission

We exist to stand in solidarity with Guatemalan leaders as they break the cycles of poverty, violence, and injustice through education, gang prevention, and community relief for families in the poorest neighborhoods of Guatemala City.


Our Values


We believe all people have inherent worth, with unique gifts given by God to share with others.


We stand with the people of marginalized neighborhoods in Guatemala City.

Deep Relationships

We believe in listening, knowing, and honoring the stories of community members, staff, donors, and partners.


We seek accountability at all levels to ensure honesty, transparency, and effectiveness in everything we do.


We partner with one community, acting as a conduit for generosity and love.

Our Faith

Rooted in Christ, we affirm the Apostle’s Creed as our statement of faith.

“Jesus, came to be with the poor, the powerless, the captives, the sinners. He came to bring hope, restoration, and salvation. This is who we preach with our lives, our love, our words, and our actions.” – Tita Evertsz

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