Launch your own personal online fundraising campaign to impact marginalized neighborhoods in Guatemala City.

Choose From One of the Options Below:


Take a stand. Share your story and love for marginalized neighborhoods in Guatemala City.


Pledge your birthday to support marginalized neighborhoods in Guatemala City in lieu of gifts.


Run a marathon, walk a 5k, do a WOD or any activity for marginalized neighborhoods in Guatemala City.


Don’t shave until you reach your goal, throw a garage sale, or set up a literal Lemonade Stand.


Throw a house party to share about marginalized neighborhoods in Guatemala City, set up an art show, or host a book club.


Share about your upcoming Service Learning Trip and raise the funds needed!


Get Inspired

SherryStandSherry’s Lemonade Stand for Justice

Raised $729

Sherry returned from a Service Learning Trip ready to share about what she had seen. Her Lemonade Stand shared her pictures and testimony from her trip. She said, “I had an unforgettable journey seeing the extreme poverty, hearing the stories of injustice, and feeling my heart expand for people I had never even known about, much less thought about prior to this trip.”

scottcharlesScott’s Run for Lemonade

Raised $1,173

Scott Charles set up a Lemonade Stand while training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and the Fifth Third River Bank Run. He said, “I have decided to run both of these races on behalf of a cause that is near and dear to the hearts of my wife and I. Would you consider helping me meet my goal of blessing the children and families of La Limonada, Guatemala with at least $1,000?”

GarnerHighSwarnatara’s Garner Goes to La Limonada

Raised $1,120

Swarnatara Sivamani set up a Lemonade Stand to raise funds for the Garner High School Service Learning Trip to La Limonada. She said, “We are partnering with Lemonade International and taking a group of 11 students, 2 teachers and 1 nurse to La Limonada – the largest urban slum community in Central America.”