We partner with churches, schools, and businesses in the US to support the work in La Limonada.

We believe there is a vital connection to our work in the La Limonada community of Guatemala City and the partnerships we have with churches, schools, and businesses in the US and around the world.

Church Partnerships: We seek to develop meaningful, ongoing relationships between church communities in the US and the people of La Limonada. We encourage churches to send short-term trips for groups to serve in La Limonada, sponsor children, pray for the urgent needs of the community, provide financial support to sustain and/or expand programs, and stand in solidarity with the ministry.

We invite you to schedule an exploratory trip to meet the leaders and community, and to see the ministry firsthand and prayerfully discern how your church can partner with us.

School Partnerships: We love to engage high schools and universities to facilitate experiential learning, service, and impact in La Limonada. Students in the U.S. are taking what they are learning and applying it with passion and love for the vulnerable children in our academies.

Business Partnerships: We partner with employees, small businesses, and corporations who share a heart for the people of La Limonada and desire to make lasting change. We encourage businesses to give financially, donate gifts-in-kind, or practice social responsibility by creating opportunities for their employees to engage with making a difference in Guatemala.

Read through the stories of some of our featured partners here.

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