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Imago Dei La Limonada – Meet Rotvin

“I always felt that I did not exist to my real mother.” Rotvin’s story is an example of one of the many challenges that extreme poverty inflicts on the people of La Limonada. He comes from a place of abandonment, abuse and anxiety within his home. However, his story is now one of hope, support, […]

Imago Dei La Limonada – Meet Ruth

Our precious friend, Ruth, has been part of the academies since she was 2 years old and is now 11 years old. She is the epitome of someone who has experienced the holistic love and spiritual cultivation the academies provide. She is lovingly described by her teachers as quiet and reserved yet strong and out-spoken […]

Imago Dei, La Limonada – Meet Yami

Today…we are thrilled to share Yamilet’s story with you – or as everyone knows her, “Yami.” Yami is the daughter of Rebecca who cooks meals for the children at the Toronja academy. Rebecca is able to provide a stable family life for Yami, her three brothers and sister. She is the leader in her home […]

Imago Dei La Limonada – Meet Nicky

“I want to be important, valued, and feel loved…” – Nicky We would like to introduce you to our friend, Nicky. Nicky is a 8-year old boy who attends of the Limon Academy. He is very passionate and detailed when making crafts in the classroom. Some of his favorites toys include Legos and puzzles. Nicky […]

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