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When A River Reaches A Sea – Plans For Brave Tears [Guest Post]

Today’s guest post is from Aixa de López, an incredible lover of Jesus and advocate for the people of La Limonada. She serves alongside her husband Pastor Alex Lopez at Fraternidad Cristiana de Guatemala. She blogs regularly (in Spanish) at www.aixadelopez.org, where today’s post was originally published. It is incredible to see local Guatemalans following […]

Let The Little Children Come To Me

Guatemala is one of the hardest places in the world to be a child. Nearly 20% of the population is living in extreme poverty, just like in La Limonada. An estimated four in 10 children are experiencing sexual abuse right now. For each case that is reported, it is estimated that seven go unreported. These […]

Photo of the Week

Happy Independence Day, Guatemala! As we celebrate today, we pray that all would experience spiritual and physical freedom. (Photo by Silent Images)

Eat Like a Guatemalan – Mirna’s Recipe for Rosa De Jamaica

We have shared several of the recipes enjoyed by our service learning groups during their stay at the Lemonade Guest House – Traditional Pepián de Pollo, Pollo Con Crema, and Salsa Verde. Those who come to serve, learn, and build relationships in La Limonada also have the opportunity to taste the unique flavors and experience […]

Christmas in Guatemala

Posadas or Processions Many aspects of Guatemalan culture and customs are closely tied to the Roman Catholic Church, which has had a presence in the region for centuries. Beginning in the week leading up to Christmas Eve, processions are made on city streets with statues symbolizing the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth all […]

10 Reasons to Give Christmas to La Limonada

You believe an essential part of celebrating this season is to extend hope, justice, love, and JOY to vulnerable children in Guatemala. You believe the children in La Limonada should know their lives matter to you and should experience HOLISTIC restoration, transformation, and hope. You believe giving justice increases ABIDING JOY in La Limonada and […]

Presence, Gratitude, and Abiding Joy

I visited a young mother of two small children who is full of life and strong character. Always sincere, she desires to excel and be a good wife and mother of a three and five year old. Upon entering the house, I saw a handkerchief covering her head and highlighting her beautiful face even more. […]

Photo of the Week

Laughter is a universal language.  

Photo of the Week

As we spent the week celebrating Guatemala‘s rich history and culture, we were reminded of the local Guatemalans who have invested their lives into La Limonada. They inspire us with their love, passion, and dedication to help the most vulnerable in their city. (Photo by Silent Images)

Celebrating Guatemala’s Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, Guatemala! The academies are closed today for the national holiday, but this week the children in the academies dressed up in traditional clothes, made crafts, enjoyed special food, said the the Pledge to the Guatemalan Flag, and celebrated Independence Day all together. As you celebrate, in solidarity with the people of La […]

Join Us In Celebrating Guatemala’s Independence Day

This Thursday, September 15, is Independence Day in Guatemala. All week long, the children in the three academies are enjoying rich celebrations with their classmates and teachers. La Limonada is a marginalized community, looked down upon by most Guatemalans. Each year in the academies, Independence Day is an important opportunity to teach the children about […]

Eat Like a Guatemalan – Mirna’s Pollo Con Crema

Pollo con Crema is a beloved traditional Guatemalan dish of chicken in a rich cream sauce. It is often served with rice and tortillas. Volunteers who have joined a Service Learning Trip to Guatemala enjoy this wonderful dish handmade by our dear Mirna. Mirna’s cooking and hospitality is an incredible gift to each of us, […]

6 Books for Engaging Your Children With Compassion and Love for Guatemala

Are your kids enjoying summer reading? Here are six books that will offer them the opportunity to learn more about Guatemala and be inspired to change the world. Guatemala ABCs [5-11 years old] With each letter of the alphabet, this book is a great introduction to the people, culture, geography, and history of Guatemala. It […]

Celebrate what you made possible – 2015 Donor Impact Report

Photo of the Week

Guatemala’s Ministry of Justice building towers over La Limonada, which you can see in the background. Pray with us that justice will roll down like a mighty river (Amos 5:24) into this ravine we have all come to know and love. (Photo by Alejandro Matzar)

It All Began in a Manger – Christmas Eve 2015

Millions of people across the world will gather tonight in living rooms, ancient cathedrals, converted warehouses, school auditoriums, and former movie theaters. There will be singing, praying, reading of Scripture, reflection, and rejoicing in celebration of the birth of the central figure of the Christian faith. While preparations are taking place for such gatherings, may we […]

Eat Like a Guatemalan – Mirna’s Recipe for Salsa Verde

Earlier this year, we shared a recipe for the traditional Guatemalan dish, Pepián de Pollo, which is enjoyed by our service learning groups during their stay at the Lemonade House. Those who come to serve, learn, and build relationships in the impoverished community of La Limonada also have the opportunity to taste the unique flavors […]

Happy Independence Day, Guatemala!

On September 15, 1821, after almost 300 years of colonial rule Guatemala declared its independence from Spain. Today there are celebrations, festivities, and parades throughout the country. Many will come together wearing their traditional clothing, ready to demonstrate their deep patriotism and national pride. Local schools make civic murals, bands play the national anthem, and […]

Guatemalan Presidential Elections This Sunday

This Sunday, September 6, Guatemalans will head to the polls to vote for the next president, vice president, 158 congressional deputies, 20 deputies to the Central American Parliament, and other local positions. Recent events in Guatemala surrounding a corruption scandal involving the president, vice president, and other high level government officials could affect these elections. […]

Important Update: Increased Violence in La Limonada

  As you may have seen in our social media updates, in recent weeks there has been an increase in senseless violence in two of the neighborhoods in La Limonada. Cycles of extreme poverty and corresponding loss of hope have long dominated the community. Children growing up without access to basic services, education, jobs, or […]

The Long Lasting Effects of Childhood Trauma

In her 2014 TEDMED talk, Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris sheds light on the effects of childhood trauma – something that is unfortunately all too common for the children who grow up in La Limonada. Burke Harris states that high doses of abuse, neglect, and trauma affect “brain development, the immune system, hormonal systems and even […]

Eat Like a Guatemalan – Mirna’s Recipe for Traditional Pepián de Pollo

When service learning groups visit Guatemala, they stay in the Lemonade House where Mirna prepares traditional meals each evening. While there is great need in Guatemala, there is also incredible beauty, with warm and deeply hospitable people! Tasting authentic Guatemalan dishes can be an important part of learning, participating, and appreciating this delightful culture. The […]

Jesus Among the Gang Members

“Young people are seeking a way out of all suffering and problems,” says Raúl Moreno. “They are always ready to receive and listen to God.” Raúl has learned this first hand while spending time with young people in La Limonada who have gotten caught up in gang activity. For the past two months, Raúl has […]

Introducing the Marcelina Fund

Every day in La Limonada, we encounter needs among vulnerable individuals and families that are unpredictable and urgent. For years, the team has cared for those in difficult circumstances when designated funds were donated to meet specific needs. Now we have a way to extend mercy immediately. It’s the Marcelina Fund, named in honor of […]

Día del Niño

Today is Día del Niño (Day of the Child), a national holiday in Guatemala celebrated each year on October 1. It is a day to recognize the rights of children. The need for a day like this is great in a place like La Limonada, where the rights of children are largely ignored or, worse, […]

Celebrating Guatemala

On September 15, 1821, Guatemala declared its independence from Spain along with five neighboring countries. As a national holiday, this date is commemorated as an opportunity for all Guatemalans to honor the birth of their country with celebrations and gatherings. Last Monday, staff at the Mandarina academy prepared the children for their own celebration. Parents […]

Interactive Art Show – Introducing Emily Litsey [VIDEO – Part 3]

This is a great opportunity to meet Emily—a high school art teacher from Indianapolis, who traveled to Guatemala in April with her husband Jeff, to serve as the art project coordinator for the prints made by the students in La Limonada which will be displayed at our Interactive Art Show on Thursday, June 5 at […]

Photo of the Week – Online Auction Print

“Blossomed Bonita” Our Interactive Art Show Online Auction is live!! This is one beautiful example of 10 prints exclusively available online. Place a bid (starting at $50) or buy one of the prints now for $1,200 to provide a full-year scholarship for one of our students!

2013 Donor Impact Report

When 2013 came to a close, we were in our strongest financial position to date. As a result of your generosity, we were able to serve more people than ever, and we were able to strengthen our programs by adding gifted and passionate people to our teams in Guatemala and in the US who are […]

Interactive Art Show – Introduction [VIDEO Part 1]

Check out this video with our executive director Bill Cummings, and our short-term groups coordinator Sommer Wisher, as they share an announcement about our upcoming Interactive Art Show: Interactive Art Show: “Solidarity Through Images and Art” Thursday, June 5 at 7:00pm  —  Burning Coal Theater  —  224 Polk St in Downtown Raleigh If you can’t […]

Taking La Limonada to the American School

It’s a joy for us at Lemonade International to introduce so many friends in North America to the people and stories of La Limonada, and to establish ongoing relationships of prayer, encouragement, partnership, and support. We greatly value introducing people from elsewhere in Guatemala to our friends in La Limonada as well. Indeed, some of […]

Join Us For The RED SUNDAY Event

Our friends from Red Light Film & Art Project present… RED SUNDAY: Music & Market Sunday, December 8th, 4:00-7:00 pm Wine & Design 219 Bickett Blvd., Raleigh, NC Celebrate the holidays by celebrating HOPE and JUSTICE. Buy gifts that serve the poor and promote justice! Join us for an alternative Christmas market featuring goods from […]

Photo of the Week

Report From The Field

Every time I travel to Guatemala my schedule is full, but during my visit earlier this month, it was exceptionally so. As always, I visited our existing programs and spent time with the amazing leaders making them possible. During this visit we also hosted a variety of people who were exploring, for the first time, […]

Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week


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