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2017 in Photos

Through each of you who have said “yes” to God’s call to give your time, talents, and resources to the work our partner Vidas Plenas is doing in La Limonada… Through each local Guatemalan (and one Nicaraguan and Honduran!) who have said “yes” to God’s call to work in one of Central America’s most notorious […]

Scholarships Nurture Dreams Like Pablo’s

Pablo’s dreams are possible. Scholarships are keeping kids off of the streets and in their studies. They are replacing fatalistic despair with dreams of a future. During a recent walk through La Limonada, Tita stopped Pablo, one of the 2017 graduates, to ask him a few questions about the scholarship he received as part of […]

Celebrate the 2017 Scholar Graduates!

Today we are celebrating an incredible class of 2017! There is so much that could have pulled them away from this accomplishment. Violence and danger on the streets as they walk to and from school. Families struggling to keep the lights on so they could study. Sickness, depression, loss of loved ones, and other emotional […]

Bold For Change in La Limonada

There is no question that women have had a tremendous impact on history. Eric Metaxas recently wrote a book about seven such women whose bold faith, self-sacrifice, and deep love for Jesus sent ripple effects through the world. We read the stories of Mother Teresa, Hannah More, Corrie ten Boom, and others with awe. They […]

Photo of the Week

Education can stop a bullet. Scholarships are a powerful way to nurture dreams and encourage an alternative to gang life. (Photo by Silent Images)

You Made My Dreams Possible

Edy grew up in La Limonada surrounded by scarcity and violence. Many of his peers began making life-altering decisions by the age of seven, spiraling into destructive, desperate, and fatalistic lives, without a source of hope that life could be different. They sank into the darkness. Many are active in the gangs, in jail, or […]

Give Dreams – Donations And Impact Doubled For The Next Two Days!

A generous donor has offered to give $5,000 to fund scholarships for half of our unsponsored scholars for the first quarter of 2017 – but we have to match his gift dollar for dollar. This is an opportunity to do twice the good with one donation! A gift of $50 will be matched to provide […]

Scholarships nurture dreams!

It is not right for a child’s dream to be crushed before that dream even has a chance to form. It is not right when poverty keeps a child from continuing with school – especially when we believe education is the most powerful way for a child to escape the cycle of poverty. While public […]

Still Time to Invest in Pathways to Peace

With only three days left in 2015, we are 80% of the way to our goal of $80,000 to provide children and families with opportunities to escape cycles of poverty, violence, and injustice in the coming year.  In addition to meeting tangible needs at the beginning of a new school year, your 2015 tax-deductible donation […]

Photo of the Week

We believe in investing in the children of La Limonada during their most vulnerable years. By the age of 7, many are struck by the reality of the deep poverty, prejudice, and lack of opportunities for a future. Will you join us in walking with them towards full lives in Jesus?

Give Scholar Education This Christmas

Give Christmas is an opportunity to come together to work for the peace on earth that Jesus came to bring – starting with life-altering education for vulnerable youth. Finishing high school or attending a vocational training program that would open the door to an honest job is out of reach for many children in La […]

Why We Do What We Do

(Mauricio showed off his new wedding ring to Tita and Bill earlier this year. February 2015.) When Tita first walked down the narrow paths into La Limonada, she was working with youth who had fallen deep into gang culture. Many were drug addicts and thieves. She looked past the menacing guns, tough faces, and feared […]

Photo of the Week

While continuing their education, youth in the scholars program receive the love, help, and presence of Yoli. (Photo by Silent Images)

Photo of the Week

Yoli Prado facilitates scholarships so youth in La Limonada can receive a quality education from seventh grade to graduation. Education is giving hope! (Photo by Rebecca Gant)

Scholarships Build Dreams

 Yoli Prado (left) and Mayra Alejandra Ramírez Gonzalez (Photo by Rebecca Gant) Mayra was eight years old when she started attending the Limon Academy. There she received help from her teachers and says she feels smarter as a result. She felt loved and learned to want a better life as she was taught about God and […]

Give Future Hope to a Scholar

Many of the children in La Limonada hope for a better future—finishing high school or attending a vocational training program that would open the door to an honest job. In Guatemala, a simple job as a dishwasher requires passing at least the ninth grade. But education beyond sixth grade requires tuition that most of the […]

Photo of the Week

The academies provide a great place for children to work on their homework. (Photo by Rebecca Gant)  

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