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Change a Life This Summer!

Hard stories are common in La Limonada – stories of abuse, hunger, violence, trauma, and deep poverty. Children who watch life after life around them spiral into destructive, desperate, and fatalistic futures, without a source of hope that things could be different. Children desperate to have their stories known, heard, and guided towards a better future.

Our hearts are moved with compassion. So we ask: What should I do?

When we partner with our friends in La Limonada, we join them in following Jesus’s call to be present with the children during their most vulnerable years so they see another option for their future. Their destiny is not determined by their address. They don’t have to be swept up in the tide of injustice. Gang life is not inevitable.

Child sponsorship is raising up children who will choose the path of hope. Children who will face their poverty with loving teachers by their side. Children who will receive physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual intervention so they can learn to make good and healthy choices. Children who are discipled and learn to follow Jesus even through the eye of a needle.

There are three ways to make this possible – by sponsoring a child, by giving a one-time gift to support unsponsored children, or by telling others about child sponsorship in La Limonada.

  1. Because life change happens in the context of relationship, invest in the relational, academy-based sponsorship program. Start building a relationship with a child and his or her family today.
  2. Give a one-time gift for unsponsored children while we continue to look for sponsors!
  3. Help us find sponsors for the children in La Limonada by sharing your sponsorship story with friends, family, church, small groups, and even your barista! Our Advocacy Kit will give you what you need to get started.

Hard stories are common in La Limonada, but child sponsors are flipping the script.

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