Make a 180-degree difference together!

At Lemonade International, we believe in the power of relationship. This is perhaps seen most clearly in the academies, where teachers and psychologists build relationships of trust with the children in their care – children whose life experiences have given them lots of reasons to distrust others.

Relationships are also what make our child sponsors and supporters so important! When you share your sponsorship testimony with your friends, family, small groups, and churches – BIG IMPACT happens.

Tools for Advocacy

Advocate For Children PowerPoint Presentation

Share the Story Church Presentation

Talking Points about La Limonada, Guatemala, and Sponsorship

Host a Guatemala Dinner Party to Share your Testimony

Child Sponsorship Card to Print and Share



Want to brainstorm an idea for advocacy? Email Katie Hoiland with ideas, passion, and a desire to advocate for the children in La Limonada.