Make a 180-degree difference!

This summer, we need your help in reaching 180 child sponsorships to make a 180-degree difference in the lives of vulnerable children in La Limonada!

With the launch of the fourth academy right around the corner, we have more children waiting for sponsors than ever before – children whose dreams are continually threatened by the poverty, violence, and hopelessness all around them.

Gang life is not inevitable for these kids. Through the academies, they are given the opportunity to change the trajectory of their life before it’s too late.

Hard stories are common in La Limonada. But child sponsors are flipping the script.

Three Ways to Change a Life This Summer

Will you and your family change a life this summer by committing to a monthly child sponsorship?

Sponsor Now

Will you give a one-time gift for unsponsored children while we look for a sponsor?

Give Now

Will you help us find sponsors for the children in La Limonada? Utilize our Advocacy Kit here:

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Sponsorship Makes a Difference!

Through sponsorship, children are welcomed to the academies, where they are fed, discipled, educated, and showered with God’s unconditional love.