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Scholarships Nurture Dreams Like Pablo’s

Pablo’s dreams are possible. Scholarships are keeping kids off of the streets and in their studies. They are replacing fatalistic despair with dreams of a future. During a recent walk through La Limonada, Tita stopped Pablo, one of the 2017 graduates, to ask him a few questions about the scholarship he received as part of […]

Celebrate the 2017 Scholar Graduates!

Today we are celebrating an incredible class of 2017! There is so much that could have pulled them away from this accomplishment. Violence and danger on the streets as they walk to and from school. Families struggling to keep the lights on so they could study. Sickness, depression, loss of loved ones, and other emotional […]

Photo of the Week

We believe their God-given potential is worth investing in. (Photo by Silent Images)

Photo of the Week

Education can stop a bullet. Scholarships are a powerful way to nurture dreams and encourage an alternative to gang life. (Photo by Silent Images)

You Made My Dreams Possible

Edy grew up in La Limonada surrounded by scarcity and violence. Many of his peers began making life-altering decisions by the age of seven, spiraling into destructive, desperate, and fatalistic lives, without a source of hope that life could be different. They sank into the darkness. Many are active in the gangs, in jail, or […]

Give Dreams – Donations And Impact Doubled For The Next Two Days!

A generous donor has offered to give $5,000 to fund scholarships for half of our unsponsored scholars for the first quarter of 2017 – but we have to match his gift dollar for dollar. This is an opportunity to do twice the good with one donation! A gift of $50 will be matched to provide […]

Thank you to all our dedicated, loving sponsors

  Sponsorship impacts the lives of children, families, and the entire community. Last week, we shared a testimony of one family who has gone all the way through our programs. Starting in the academies as young boys, these two sons of Miriam went on to receive scholarships and graduate from vocational school. They now have […]

Photo of the Week

The academies provide a great place for children to work on their homework. (Photo by Rebecca Gant)  

Follow Up on Interactive Art Show

A huge thanks to those who participated in our online auction and to all who came to our Interactive Art Show in Raleigh! As those who attended the live event know, there was tremendous energy in the room. The space looked amazing and the event truly was interactive, thanks to the hard work of our […]

Interactive Art Show Online Auction – 2 Days Remaining

As we celebrate 6 years of solidarity with the people of La Limonada, we invite you to visit our online auction — held in conjunction with our Interactive Art Show live event in Raleigh on Thursday night. The auction includes 4 incredible photographic images from La Limonada as well as 10 original pieces of artwork […]

Interactive Art Show – Introducing Emily Litsey [VIDEO – Part 3]

This is a great opportunity to meet Emily—a high school art teacher from Indianapolis, who traveled to Guatemala in April with her husband Jeff, to serve as the art project coordinator for the prints made by the students in La Limonada which will be displayed at our Interactive Art Show on Thursday, June 5 at […]

Photo of the Week – Online Auction Print

“Blossomed Bonita” Our Interactive Art Show Online Auction is live!! This is one beautiful example of 10 prints exclusively available online. Place a bid (starting at $50) or buy one of the prints now for $1,200 to provide a full-year scholarship for one of our students!

Interactive Art Show – Meet Yoli [VIDEO – Part 2]

Learn more about the Scholars program as we interview Yoli Prado—the director of the program in Guatemala. You will hear about lives of students and families being impacted through the program, and how Yoli works with each one to walk with them as they pursue high school diplomas and college degrees. Thanks to Yoli and Rebecca […]

Interactive Art Show – Introduction [VIDEO Part 1]

Check out this video with our executive director Bill Cummings, and our short-term groups coordinator Sommer Wisher, as they share an announcement about our upcoming Interactive Art Show: Interactive Art Show: “Solidarity Through Images and Art” Thursday, June 5 at 7:00pm  —  Burning Coal Theater  —  224 Polk St in Downtown Raleigh If you can’t […]

The Tide Is Turning For Children In La Limonada

We are living a new reality and it is a beautiful thing. Not only can the children of La Limonada study, but they are beginning to dream of things that have never been possible. The door to possibility is opening and they will be able to achieve so much more. This year something is happening […]

5th Anniversary Gala Update

Last month we celebrated our 5th Anniversary with gala events in Raleigh, NC and Cincinnati, OH, and with an online campaign for those who couldn’t make it to the live events. More than 250 people attended the events and, combined with the online campaign, invested $53,760 to support our Scholars program. As a result of […]

Celebrate 5 Years – Give the Gift of Education

Earlier this month we celebrated our 5th Anniversary with gala events in Raleigh, NC and Cincinnati, OH. More than 250 people attended the events and they invested more than $48,000 to support our Scholars program. For the month of May we have designed our Online Gala for those of you who weren’t able to be […]

5th Anniversary Online Gala

Our 5th Anniversary Gala is just around the corner! If you don’t live in or near Raleigh or Cincinnati, our Online Gala is designed just for you — to help you celebrate with us! In 2008, Lemonade International began as a dream to raise awareness and support for our Guatemalan friends who serve in the […]

2011 Donor Impact Report

Thank you for standing in solidarity with us in 2011 as we continued our mission to partner with local leaders in Guatemala who serve the people of La Limonada. Words cannot fully capture the impact of your generosity and love, but we hope this report helps to tell the story of what we have done […]

Mauricio’s Story – From La Limonada to High School Graduation

Mauricio first began attending one of the schools in La Limonada when he was 8 years old. The teachers invested personal time with him, helping him with his homework assignments from his formal school, and teaching him about God’s love. Along with the other students, his birthday was celebrated, he was loved, taught, and encouraged. […]

Education For Wanda

Education is vital for the children of La Limonada to escape a cycle of extreme poverty, gang violence, drug addiction and physical and sexual abuse. In order to break this cycle, our schools provide loving care from teachers who share God’s unconditional love, provide tutoring, gang prevention programs, sexual education, and one-on-one counseling provided by […]

It’s “Cyber Monday”: Give Education… Give Christmas

We believe that education is a basic human right not simply a privilege. The value instilled in each child educated through our schools in La Limonada and the unconditional love shared with them makes an impact in their lives that is impossible to put a price tag on. Each of the Give Christmas gift options […]

Give Christmas To Children & Teachers In La Limonada

Christmas is an incredible time of year for most of us here in the US. For so many children and families in La Limonada there is no Christmas to speak of. For those of us who have been blessed with so much we have a great opportunity to Give Christmas to the children and teachers […]

La Limonada Shoemaker Set To Make 350 Pairs Of Shoes For Children

Each Christmas we provide Christmas gift options for you to give the children and staff members in Guatemala and one of those options is to provide school shoes for the children. This year we are excited to announce that we will be supporting a local business in La Limonada that will make the shoes to […]

Photo Of The Week

Friends Collaborate To Provide Student With Scholarship

This week we received a Gift Of Hope in the amount of $125.00 to provide a high school student with a scholarship to attend a private school in Guatemala City to receive a quality education. The donation came from Nona Peyton, a Lemonade Int’l child sponsor, along with this note: “This is from a womens […]

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