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Turning Pain Into Resilience and Hope

We want the children in La Limonada to reach their potential. We want to see their God-given abilities drawn out and made to flourish. We want to see them living full lives in Jesus. But the reality for children growing up in this “red zone” – a term given by the Guatemalan government to indicate […]

7 Reasons Why We Focus on Children

We know the effects of poverty, trauma, and violence are the most extreme on children, causing long-term damage to minds, bodies, and hearts. As you read through these seven compelling reasons to prioritize serving the most vulnerable children, ask yourself: “What if there were a Christian present, someone a child could turn to in the […]

The Long Lasting Effects of Childhood Trauma

In her 2014 TEDMED talk, Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris sheds light on the effects of childhood trauma – something that is unfortunately all too common for the children who grow up in La Limonada. Burke Harris states that high doses of abuse, neglect, and trauma affect “brain development, the immune system, hormonal systems and even […]

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