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Tita’s Visit to Taylor University and Forest Hill Church

Tita recently had the opportunity to speak at Taylor University Chapel (video above) as well as at on of our partner churches, Forest Hill Church.  At Forest Hill Church that Sunday morning, over 30+ kids were sponsored in the Toronja Academy! We encourage you to take a few minutes and watch the video above. Here, […]

Bold For Change in La Limonada

There is no question that women have had a tremendous impact on history. Eric Metaxas recently wrote a book about seven such women whose bold faith, self-sacrifice, and deep love for Jesus sent ripple effects through the world. We read the stories of Mother Teresa, Hannah More, Corrie ten Boom, and others with awe. They […]

Photo of the Week

Tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of Tita Evertsz. While we honor her – her deep faith and example of following Jesus with wholehearted abandon into the hard places he loves – we also honor her request to make most of the one she is following. One of her strongest desires for the new year is […]

A Christmas Message from Tita

I am a survivor of abuse. Because of that, there are certain dates on the calendar that I can no longer enjoy in the same way. Although I have been healed and liberated by Jesus Christ, I still look at some things differently. And as someone who has shared my life with the poor for […]

Happy Birthday Tita!

Tomorrow is the birthday of Tita Evertsz! Tita first walked into La Limonada in 1994 and has been investing her life into education and gang prevention ever since. We have all been impacted by her deep passion and unfaltering devotion to follow Jesus wherever he leads. At Lemonade International, we exist to act as generous […]

A Christmas Message from Tita

I’m closing my eyes and thinking about what to tell each of you who, through prayer or financial support, are part of this work—this divine mission from God with the beautiful people of La Limonada. I can see your faces and a smile emerges from the depths of my being. I think it makes our […]

A Christmas Message from Tita

Dear Friends, As you know, Lemonade International is committed to blessing the children, families, and staff in our beautiful La Limonada. Being part of this community has given us the chance to see the face of Jesus and to touch him—and this has transformed us! Now, as the birthday of Jesus approaches, it’s the perfect […]

Seeing Beauty – Guest Post by CJ Stephens

This week, a group from Ekklesia in Raleigh, NC is in La Limonada to listen and learn from the community and the team members who serve there. The following post is from CJ Stephens, one of the co-pastors at Ekklesia, who is there with the group. One of the most powerful things I’ve experienced on […]

One Day in La Limonada

As Tita walked through the streets and visited various homes in La Limonada one day last week, this is what she encountered… A widow who has to bury her son. An old man with no family who is in great need of medicine. A widow with five children who has no money and no hope. […]

Photo of the Week

Last night Vidas Plenas was awarded with $64,102 by the Juan Bautista Guitiérrez Grant. Thank you everyone!

Reparado Film Featured on Our Website

We’re excited to have updated the La Limonada page on our website to include a clip from the documentary film, Reparando, produced by our friends from Athentikos. The clip from the film features Tita Evertsz and her personal perspective on the La Limonada community. Our favorite line from the clip is when Tita says, “It’s […]

Colors Of Hope Shining Bright In The Darkness

Earlier this summer I had the unique privilege of going on a prayer walk with Tita through the streets and alleys of La Limonada. I consider it one of the greatest privileges of my life to be able to walk the path between the two schools that she directs. One is in a section of […]

Geography of Grace

Through our work in Guatemala over the past several years I have had the pleasure of getting to know Joel Van Dyke and the work of Estrategia de Transformación. He is a great partner and friend of Tita’s and her ministry has been greatly impacted by his work to develop communities of transformational leaders who […]

Video Skype with Tita – Inviting You into the Current Reality

We encourage you to set aside twelve minutes of your time to watch this Skype video chat I had with Tita last night. It’s our way of inviting you into the beauty and challenges of the current reality on the ground in La Limonada being faced by Tita and her team at this time. While […]

A New Year and Fresh Beginnings For The Team in Guatemala

Reunion and happiness were felt by all in attendance as the Guatemala Team came together yesterday at a church in Guatemala City for our first meeting together after our December break. Nestor, one of our team members who leads our Micro-Enterprise Program, helped to lead worship, which reminded us all that we are not only […]

A Christmas Message From Tita

During this time, we celebrate what the children call as: “Jesus’ birthday” and I like to ask the children: “What are you going to buy Jesus?” Eventually, with their enormous eyes like bright lights and a big smile, they say, “a toy!!” After being thrilled with their own answer … it seems so honest to […]

Join Tita In Supporting ‘Becoming Fools’

For those of you who had the opportunity to watch the film, ‘Reparando’, you know that Tita Evertsz – the Guatemalan leader of our work with the people of La Limonada – was featured in the film along with Erwin “Shorty” Luna – a pastor who Tita partners with in the community. Over the past […]

Losing Time

Where should I start? With love? The poor? You and me? Love is the most powerful of all the weapons, The best of all the medicines, And it lasts for an eternity. The poor, 1 billion people live on less than $1 a day, and this is 15% of the world’s population. 2.6 billion people […]

Video Message From Tita & Bill… Matching Grant For “Mi Casita”

We are now caring for 16 children at the “Mi Casita” Safe Home! And thanks to a generous matching grant opportunity from the Amable Foundation you have an opportunity to double your dollars to support this great work. Take some time to watch this video to learn more from Tita about the Safe Home and […]

A Higher Calling

Meet Ana*. Only 44 years old, she has the body and face of a woman years her senior. She suffers from Choreia disease, a neurological disorder that causes involuntary twitching movements. She is in a state of constant motion due to her disease, and her mind has been affected with sickness as well. Her tiny […]

Better to Be on the Streets Than in the House?

I met Gloria a long time ago, when she was 2 years old. Her 11-year-old sister had been abused multiple times by her own father. Gloria, at her very young age, had all the symptoms of being abused as well. And her mom? She didn’t protect them. Instead, she accused her daughters of being seductive. […]

Little by Little, Step by Step

She turned 28, but looks older… …because of a very hard life, sexual abuse from childhood, pregnancy at 12 from her own father, leaving her child right after he was born. Not because she didn’t love him, but because of the meaning that child was representing… Nevertheless, on May 23rd, the tears are running down […]

The Ones You Have Abandoned

I know someone who is a psychologist, who has worked a long time with gang members in prisons, so he has some experience in what I am about to tell you. He gave me some information that made me my blood run faster, wanting other Guatemalans to listen to what I was listening to. This person told me: “The time and money you invest to restore one gang member – would be the resources to help 30 or 35 children and prevent them fro […]

If Only I Could Put Into Words…

If only I could put it into words My heart is broken, so broken A child has opened his heart about his sexual desires persistent, severe and extreme in some senses In the incredible conversation, so honest from his side So much crying because I couldn’t bear it anymore, and I don’t know what to do anymore. […]

A Gringo God?

I only want to work
. I only want to be somebody. I only want to find my place in the world. “V” is sixteen years old. His mother is in the Unites States and nobody knows where his father is.  His mother left, to provide a better future to her children … but she didn’t […]

That We May Become Like Children

Meet Moshi. The youngest son of Tita, he is 10 years old and is also a recipient of a private school scholarship through Lemonade International. He has the most endearing smile, which dimples his cheeks out into invitingly sweet pouches, just begging to be squeezed. Though he doesn’t live in the ghetto, he has spent […]

Love Your Enemies

“But I tell you: Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.” This verse from Matthew 5 undoubtedly causes most of us a near visceral reaction. Western mentality is consumed by a recoiling response that pushes most of us to treat others in the same way they treat us. If someone treats us […]

Meet Johanna

This is Johanna. To say that she has had a rough time of it the past few years is a gross understatement. Five years ago, Johanna was shot as she was leaving her house. Choices that she was making and the company she was keeping left her with a bullet hole and the loss of […]

Building a New Life

Gangs are a massive part of the “culture” of La Limonada. If you walk through the ghetto, you are guaranteed to cross paths with members of different gangs, all vying for their right to the street. Aside from the work being done with the children of the ghetto, there is also something moving here with gang […]

Gratitud – Thankfulness

Tita and I were talking the other day about all that needs to be done to complete the renovations on Escuelita Mandarina. Later that day, she called me back and said, “Bill, we have so much to be thankful for! Even if nothing else is done on the building, God has used people to bless […]

Praying For Humility

Recently, Tita asked me to send the following message out to everyone… “I have being praying for repentance, humildad, conviction and salvation for the people for the Community of La Limonada. I would love everybody to acompañarnos to pray with us, por favor”! Thanks for your prayers, support and encouragement as our team works to […]


A “God-incidence”, according to Tita, is when circumstances appear to be coincidental, but where God is really at work. It’s an expression I’ve heard her use several times, and I can say that it truly is amazing to see how God works… even in all the little things. Last week we had a group from […]

The ends of the earth

“You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1: 8b Where exactly are the ends of the earth? Jesus spoke this to His disciples just before He ascended into heaven, telling them that they would be His witnesses in the ends of […]

Playing Like A Child – A “Holy Moment”

The other day I was on the phone with Tita as the children were playing in the soccer field in La Limonada. While we were talking, Tita began to scream with excitement. She said, “I wish you could see this! There is a homeless woman from the ghetto who always sniffs glue and she is […]

From Tita – Thank You To All Child Sponsors

Tita’s Time With “M”

Last week a desperate mother called Tita and let her know that her 12 year old son, “M”, has been going out regularly at night stealing from people with three other boys (ages 10, 18 & 19). This is not uncommon for boys from La Limonada, but this mother was distraught because now it was […]

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