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Give Thanks, Give Food

In two days, families and friends in the United States will gather to celebrate God’s lavish provision and generosity to each of us. And as we give thanks for each other and for the abundance of food set before us, we hope you will think of those who don’t have quite as much. The children […]

Photo of the Week

Vulnerable children are receiving a vitamin every day in the academies.

Photo of the Week

Addressing chronic hunger and immediate health needs are crucial ways of preparing boys and girls to thrive as the future leaders of their community. (Photo by Silent Images)

Gifts of Joy for La Limonada

In two days, we in the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving. We will share meals in the company of loved ones as we celebrate God’s lavish generosity to us. And because we have freely received, we are invited to freely give. So when we pause to give thanks for the many ways God has blessed […]

Photo of the Week

When children have empty stomachs, they are not able to focus, learn, grow, and thrive. (Photo by Rebecca Gant)

Photo of the Week

You are part of giving these kids a reason to smile. Cheers! (Photo by Tita Evertsz)

Joyce Joyner’s Legacy of Caring For Others

Emily Lemus and her husband are long-time friends of Lemonade International and have sponsored a boy named Juan Carlos who attends the Mandarina academy for the past two and a half years. In remembrance of her aunt, Joyce Joyner, who passed away on April 3, Emily decided to do something meaningful in her honor. Today, […]

Photo of the Week

Today is World Food Day, a day dedicated to the global movement against hunger. A daily hot meal in the academies can mean the opportunity to concentrate on schoolwork and make better decisions. It can literally fuel a different future. (Photo by Silent Images)

Tackling Hunger and Malnutrition in La Limonada

Tomorrow is World Food Day, a day dedicated to the global movement against hunger. Advocates who believe access to food is a basic human right raise awareness and commit to action against malnutrition and hunger among the most vulnerable around the world. In Guatemala, chronic malnutrition is a major concern. According to the World Food […]

Fighting Malnutrition in La Limonada

Today is World Food Day, a day of action against hunger. In La Limonada, children and families face the threat of insufficient nutrition needed to grow, develop, and thrive both physically and mentally. According to the USAID, “Guatemala ranks sixth for chronic malnutrition in the world and has the highest rate of stunting in the […]

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