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Photo of the Week

We stand with the marginalized people of La Limonada and with the committed staff of Vidas Plenas. (Photo by Silent Images)

First Person: Elma Marina

We would like to introduce you to one of the incredible Guatemalan team members, Marina. She teaches the 6-7-year-old class in the Lima Academy. We asked Marina a few questions about herself and what motivates her to work in such a challenging environment every day. Where are you from? I am from Santiago Sacatepequez. Describe […]

First Person: Christian Umul

We would like to introduce you to one of our incredible Guatemalan team members, Christian Umul. He works with youth-at-risk [Learn more here] and is an essential part of the Vidas Plenas team. We asked Christian a few questions about himself and what motivates him to work in such a challenging environment every day. Where […]

First Person: Mirna Judith

We would like to introduce you to one of our incredible Guatemalan staff members, Mirna Judith. She serves our Service Learning Groups by taking care of the Lemonade Guest House and cooking delicious Guatemalan meals for the group members. We asked her a few questions about herself and what motivates her each day. Where are […]

First Person: Maira Judith

We would like to introduce you to one of our incredible teachers, Maira Judith. She works with the 4 – 5 year old class at the Limon academy. We asked her a few questions about herself and what motivates her to work in such a challenging environment every day. Where are you from? I am […]

First Person: Martita

We would like to introduce you to one of our incredible teachers, Martita. She works with the 3 – 5 year old class at the Mandarina academy. We asked her a few questions about herself and what motivates her to work in such a challenging environment every day. Where are you from? I was born […]

First Person: Maria Matzar

We would like to introduce you to one of our incredible staff members, Maria. As the Lima academy psychologist, she works with the emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological needs of the vulnerable children. We asked her a few questions about herself and what motivates her to work in such a challenging environment every day. Where […]

Important Update: Increased Violence in La Limonada

  As you may have seen in our social media updates, in recent weeks there has been an increase in senseless violence in two of the neighborhoods in La Limonada. Cycles of extreme poverty and corresponding loss of hope have long dominated the community. Children growing up without access to basic services, education, jobs, or […]

Interactive Art Show – Meet Yoli [VIDEO – Part 2]

Learn more about the Scholars program as we interview Yoli Prado—the director of the program in Guatemala. You will hear about lives of students and families being impacted through the program, and how Yoli works with each one to walk with them as they pursue high school diplomas and college degrees. Thanks to Yoli and Rebecca […]

Two More Children Rescued From Abuse

As most of you know, especially those of you who have visited La Limonada with us, abuse is one of the most far-reaching issues in the community. Almost every day, the team in Guatemala is made aware of situations in which children from the community are being abused and neglected. Through the team’s recent intervention, […]

Photo of the Week

The Schools Are Now “Academies”

At the end of last year, the decision was made by the leadership team in Guatemala to change the name of the schools from Las Escuelitas to Academies for Life or Academias para la Vida in Spanish. La Escuelita means the little school. The name carried the connotation that our impact is small and insignificant […]

Photo Of The Week

The entire Guatemala Team and the Lemonade International board of directors following our Staff Appreciation Luncheon on Wednesday

How We See La Limonada…

This past November, several of our team members were together for a workshop with Joel Van Dyke and the people of Estrategia de Transformación. During the workshop, Joel said, “The way we see a place determines our behavior toward that place.” So many have dedicated their lives to serve the people of La Limonada. This […]

A New Year and Fresh Beginnings For The Team in Guatemala

Reunion and happiness were felt by all in attendance as the Guatemala Team came together yesterday at a church in Guatemala City for our first meeting together after our December break. Nestor, one of our team members who leads our Micro-Enterprise Program, helped to lead worship, which reminded us all that we are not only […]

Introducing Hubert Bendfeldt Vasquez – Our New Community Development Director

We’re excited to announce that beginning in January, Hubert Bendfeldt Vasquez will join the Guatemala Team and serve as the full-time community development director. Hubert’s primary role will be to identify and develop leaders in the La Limonada community and to work with them to implement community empowerment programs that meet the most urgent needs […]

Rebecca Gant’s New Role

We are excited to announce that as of January 1, Rebecca Gant will assume a new role as a full-time staff member of Lemonade International. In her role as International Operations Director, she will be our point person on the ground in Guatemala. Rebecca will continue to oversee our sponsorship program on the Guatemala side […]

2011 Comes To A Close For The Teachers In Guatemala

The last week of classes for 2011 at the schools in La Limonada was right before Art Camp. As most of you know – it was an amazing trip. Most of our teachers without children went to be with the children and run the camp – while the teachers with their own families had a […]

Tina Breshears Is Joining The Lemonade International Team In Guatemala

We are excited to announce the addition of a new team member who will be joining us in Guatemala in January of 2012 – working with Rebecca Gant as a Sponsorship Coordinator. Tina Breshears is a great friend of the team in Guatemala and has spent a significant amount of time volunteering her time in […]

Update From Kerry Smith

Kerry is one of our incredible team members serving full-time in La Limonada. She blogs at ¿Dónde están mis pantalones?. Here is a recent post from her blog. Enjoy! I wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone of what’s happening here in Guatemala. Our new Lemonade House (located just 5 houses away from our […]

A Homeless Man Makes a Big Difference

A homeless man makes a big difference. Its strange for most of us to think about it that way. Our culture has taught us that the homeless are to be pitied, an object of charity. Perhaps in some senses that is true. But perhaps there is an awful lot that we can learn from a […]

Meet Johanna

This is Johanna. To say that she has had a rough time of it the past few years is a gross understatement. Five years ago, Johanna was shot as she was leaving her house. Choices that she was making and the company she was keeping left her with a bullet hole and the loss of […]

Donnie Long – Living & Working In Guatemala

Yesterday our friend and team member, Donnie Long, arrived in Guatemala and now begins the process of settling into his new role as Director of The Lemonade House and Group Coordinator. His responsibilities will include leading a house full of interns and being the point person and host for groups traveling to Guatemala to serve […]

pure joy

As I’m getting ready for my departure back to the states in 4 days, I have been feverently working on getting all the new students pictures taken and up on the website. I always take a few of each student to make sure I get one that really captures their personality. As I’m going through […]

Transition For Our Friend & Team Member

After serving in La Limonada for the past year, our good friend and co-founder of Lemonade International, Leah Craver, is getting ready to return to the US and reacclimate to life here. Reflecting on her time in La Limonada, Leah said, “What started as a dream over 5 years ago to live and work in […]

Kerry Smith: International Worker Ready To Serve In La Limonada

Kerry Smith will be the third full-time international worker serving with Lemonade International in La Limonada. She leaves the Raleigh area this week to spend some time with family and will arrive in Guatemala on January 16, 2010. For the first four weeks in Guatemala, Kerry will be attending Spanish language school in Antigua, Guatemala […]

In awe…

I posted this blog recently on my personal blog and Bill asked me to share this experience here as well… Friday afternoon we went to visit Marcelina and Braulio with 3 group members here from the States. We spent some time helping them with their telephone, but then Tita asked Gerardo, a pastor who works […]


It’s been amazing to see how God has sent people from across the US and around the world to serve for extended periods of time in La Limonada. Recently, April, spent several weeks in La Limonada as part of an internship through the Center for Transforming Mission. She lived in the house with Tita and […]


A “God-incidence”, according to Tita, is when circumstances appear to be coincidental, but where God is really at work. It’s an expression I’ve heard her use several times, and I can say that it truly is amazing to see how God works… even in all the little things. Last week we had a group from […]

The ends of the earth

“You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1: 8b Where exactly are the ends of the earth? Jesus spoke this to His disciples just before He ascended into heaven, telling them that they would be His witnesses in the ends of […]

Meet Andi

Last year Tita contacted a Latin Link to pursue having an intern who would work with her and her team at the schools in La Limonada. After months of waiting she was contacted by the organization in February and told that her intern arrived from his home in Switzerland and was in Antigua brushing up […]


“Nathy’s” mom is in jail. She used to have a very rough life. And Nathy was just one more mouth to feed. One more child to take care of. He was moved from house to house to live with various relatives. When his mom was arrested and taken to jail about three months ago there […]

Kate Has Arrived

Kate Dundon spent a few months in Guatemala last year teaching children in a rural village. She met Tita and her team as her time in Guatemala was coming to a close. She spent a couple weeks in La Limonada and fell in love with the children and people of the community. She returned home […]

being back in La Limonada…

Leah here. (in case you were wondering!) There’s something about being here and working on Lemonade first-hand on the Guatemalan side that is just so intoxicating to me.  There is SO MUCH to be done with taking children’s pictures, making support cards, etc. but it barely even feels like work because this is our heart: […]

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