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Imago Dei La Limonada – Meet Ruth

Our precious friend, Ruth, has been part of the academies since she was 2 years old and is now 11 years old. She is the epitome of someone who has experienced the holistic love and spiritual cultivation the academies provide. She is lovingly described by her teachers as quiet and reserved yet strong and out-spoken […]

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-09-17

Yes… budget mtgs can be boring, but when driven by vision they are energizing!! Grateful for the hrs we spent today on vision on 2011. # RT @helpendpoverty: Want to fight poverty? Help countries build their own capacity – http://bit.ly/daZBVN // Great read. # RT @JonathanPorta: Reparandomovie.com received yesterday its first review in Guatemala. http://bit.ly/9r611j. […]

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-09-03

RT @athentikos: The Big Screen – Grand Rapids Film Festival http://is.gd/eH060 / Love it!! # RT @JonathanPorta: A day in antigua with 10 of the muchachos from the ghetto… Please pray for us, may God use this time for His Glory! # RT @jasonkovacs: Somewhere in the world right now a child has no power […]

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-08-27

RT @jefox5: #FF Folks doing great work @lemonadeintl / Thanks J! # RT @jhat05: Guatemala blog is finally active! Check it @ http://bit.ly/9dplU5 … Thx @lemonadeintl for allowing me to serve / Thank YOU! # RT @Rindy963: RT @hardlynormal: the world does not need random acts of kindness, we need deliberate acts of genuine, tangible […]

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-08-06

@MikeRoszkowski @jamaguire Thanks for the RTs!! # RT @athentikos: Received the official notice today of our selection into the Grand Rapids Film Festival. http://fb.me/EU0QrbBR / Great news! #

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-07-23

Thanks for following! Hopefull we'll get to meet in person before too long… # @DamonReiss So glad you knew that was directed to you! in reply to DamonReiss # RT @OneDaysWages: Do you have a birthday in August? Here's our birthday gift for you: http://bit.ly/b95tzO # RT @peterkgreer: The Poor Will Be Glad – "honorable […]

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-07-16

RT @helpendpoverty: We're excited to announce our new Haiti initiative: We Have Not Forogtten: http://ow.ly/2a9zX ( # On @Network4Good "Using Social Media…." webiner w/ guest @kanter – author of The Networked Nonprofit . Join here: http://bit.ly/aqsAqS # RT @KatieMcManners: list of all tools mentioned in today's #netnon @kanter presentation http://bit.ly/dqew8P // Thanks for sharing! # […]

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-07-02

Thankful 4 @toddhiestand & @thewellpa & their investment of time to learn from & serve the people of La Limonada this past wk! Welcome home! # RT @toddhiestand: Back at things here in philly. Miss friends at @lemonadeintl already. / They miss you too! Did u see our photo of the wk? # RT @athentikos: […]

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-06-25

Thankful for @toddhiestand & new friends from @thewellpa who are traveling to Guatemala to learn & serve in La Limonada this week! # Thankful for new friends from The Well – http://church.thewellpa.com/ – who are traveling to Guatemala today to… http://fb.me/CWKDCEis # RT @ROBLOVE146: Thinking of the fatherless today. # RT @iHouston: Heading to a […]

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-06-18

RT @info_feeder: Four Severed Heads Found in Guatemala City: 4 severed heads and 2 beheaded bodies… http://bit.ly/dAGgwy / Outrageous! # RT @cnnbrk: USGS: 7.7 quake strikes off coast of India; local tsunami watch issued http://on.cnn.com/azJ1zo # RT @worldconcern: School Supplies For Darfur War Children – Did you ever want to have a direct impact on […]

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-05-28

RT @OneDaysWages: 0.4% of your salary goes a LONG way 4 those living on less than $1.25/day. Donate your OneDay’sWages: http://bit.ly/bou2on # Pacaya volcano erupts – kills 3 & shuts down Guatemala City airport – http://bit.ly/bXbvk9 #

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2010-05-14

RT @OneDaysWages: #FF ORGs: @worldconcern @charitywater @Not_For_Sale @HealAfrica @PIH_org @krochetkids @ONECampaign # @OneDaysWages Thanks for the #FF ! in reply to OneDaysWages # Happy Mother's Day to all Moms in La Limonada & to "Padrinas" here in the US who sponsor children in La Limonada! We honor you today! # We're very excited that we […]

Janina – Sponsor A Teacher & Put Your State On The Map

We are 28 days into our “50 States In 50 Days” Campaign which means there is 22 days to go for you to be a part of our movement to extend our partnerships across the US. If you are not currently a monthly partner, please consider sponsoring a teacher, sponsoring a child or joining TEN2END […]


One of the three ways you can provide monthly support for the children and families of La Limonada is by simply making a commitment to give TEN DOLLARS a month – through “TEN2END” – our campaign to end poverty, injustice, hunger, hopelessness and despair in the largest urban slum in Central America. TEN DOLLARS Many […]

64 Children In La Limonada Need Sponsors – “50 States” Update

As we reach the 14-day mark in our “50 States In 50 Days” campaign we are focusing on our Child Sponsorship program. The children of La Limonada live every day under the effects of extreme poverty. Hunger, physical and sexual abuse, drugs, neglect, horrible living conditions, gang activity, violence, and prostitution surround them. We believe […]

Sponsor A Teacher – “50 States In 50 Days”

We are 7 days into our “50 States In 50 Days” Campaign and with 43 days to go it’s exciting to see people spread the word about ways their family and friends can support the work in La Limonada. One new child sponsor shared a post titled, “Lemonade? Yes, please!” on her “Handmade Musings” Blog. […]

“50 States In 50 Days” Begins Today!

50 states. 50 days. There are 23 states in the US where we do not currently have monthly partners. Help us add those states to the map and broaden our base of support in the 27 states where we currently have partnerships. Our goal is to be “all over the map” by April 7. Can […]

Introducing… 50 States In 50 Days

50 states. 50 days. Lemonade International currently has donors in 23 states who provide ongoing monthly support to our work to “educate and empower children in the largest urban slum in Central America”. Accomplishing that in less than two years is something to celebrate, but for those of you who have personally been a guest […]

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