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Photo of the Week

The life, teachings, and overflowing love of Jesus shape how we seek to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God and the people of La Limonada. (Photo by Silent Images)

Photo of the Week

We love to see children walking to school with a big smile on their face. A little generosity translates into so much justice and joy! (Photo by Silent Images)

Teachers Cultivate Dreams

It is not right for a child to grow up without a positive role model. Many parents in La Limonada are making the difficult choice to find work in order to feed their children at least one meal today instead of being present to raise their children. While some are spiraling into destructive lifestyles, others […]

When you give a pair of shoes, you’re giving justice.

It is not right for a child to be kept home from school simply because they do not have the school uniform they need. It is not right for a child to climb the narrow paths out of the ravine-turned-slum with improper shoes. It is not right. It is not just. When you give a […]

Photo of the Week

Guatemala’s Ministry of Justice building towers over La Limonada, which you can see in the background. Pray with us that justice will roll down like a mighty river (Amos 5:24) into this ravine we have all come to know and love. (Photo by Alejandro Matzar)

Guatemalan Presidential Elections This Sunday

This Sunday, September 6, Guatemalans will head to the polls to vote for the next president, vice president, 158 congressional deputies, 20 deputies to the Central American Parliament, and other local positions. Recent events in Guatemala surrounding a corruption scandal involving the president, vice president, and other high level government officials could affect these elections. […]

Photo of the Week

  “Justice for La Limonada! Can we have some Justice?” – Tita Evertsz

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