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Two Days to Launch

Before you make your 4th of July plans, help us launch the 4th academy in La Limonada! With less than TWO days to go, we’re 74% of the way to our financial goal. We’re so close to doing something BIG about injustice this summer, forever changing the lives of vulnerable children in the “15 de […]

Turning the Tide of Injustice

The civil rights movement had some brilliant leaders. In the face of widespread injustice and systemic racism, it may have made sense to focus their efforts on calling for an end to the overall dehumanization of African American citizens. But they didn’t do that. They recognized that “dehumanization” was too abstract of a concept, and […]

Do Something About Injustice This Summer

We need your help. We’re asking you to rally your friends and family to do something big about injustice this summer by helping us launch the fourth academy in a dangerous neighborhood in the heart of Guatemala City. This month, we need to raise $25,000 to cover the costs of launching this new academy. In […]

Photo of the Week

“I am responsible for what I have seen and heard – for the stories of injustice, violence, and pain. What does God want me to do with what I have witnessed? What is my part in all of this?” – Tita Evertsz (Photo by Silent Images)

And He Will Be Called Mighty God [Advent Guest Post]

This Advent season, as we prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus, we have invited a series of guest bloggers to reflect on the different names given to the coming Messiah in Isaiah 9:6. As we move towards Christmas, we invite you to reflect with us on the earth-shaking implications of each name, both for ourselves […]

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