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Give Christmas 2018

Just over ten years ago God began using Lemonade International and the first “Limon” academy to give hope to a group of families in La Limonada, Guatemala by surrounding them with love, encouragement, and academic support to keep them out of gangs. And what a decade it has been!

As we celebrate Christmas during the next five weeks, we invite you to support Lemonade International and the four academies that serve more than 500 children and scholars.

Today we are launching our annual “Give Christmas” campaign!

Our goal is to raise $68,523 this Christmas season.

You can participate in two simple ways:

  1. Making a donation to give shoes, supplies, food or wages to the children of La Limonada this Christmas.
  2. Sharing your passion for La Limonada with your friends and family by starting a fundraiser and joining one of our academy fundraising teams!

You can do both of these things here!

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