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Celebrating Moms Like Brenda in La Limonada

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and we want to celebrate the moms in La Limonada. These are moms who love and sacrifice for their kids. Moms who give so much out of the little they have. Moms who want a better future for their kids other than the temptations that surround them in their community. Brenda […]

Presence, Gratitude, and Abiding Joy

I visited a young mother of two small children who is full of life and strong character. Always sincere, she desires to excel and be a good wife and mother of a three and five year old. Upon entering the house, I saw a handkerchief covering her head and highlighting her beautiful face even more. […]

From a Family of Thieves: Amelia’s Story

Today, Tita shares the story of a woman who has been attending a home Bible study. She is from one of the first families Tita got to know in La Limonada many years ago. Her name has been changed to protect her privacy. – A family of thieves. Amelia’s grandparents were thieves. Her parents were […]

Bringing Brokenness to the Feet of Jesus

Today, Tita shares the story of one woman who has been attending a home Bible study. Her name has been changed to protect her privacy. – Sometimes there are people you love with such a strong passion – you know it has come from God. He is asking you to love them, so you think […]

Scholarships Build Dreams

 Yoli Prado (left) and Mayra Alejandra Ramírez Gonzalez (Photo by Rebecca Gant) Mayra was eight years old when she started attending the Limon Academy. There she received help from her teachers and says she feels smarter as a result. She felt loved and learned to want a better life as she was taught about God and […]

Jesus Among the Gang Members

“Young people are seeking a way out of all suffering and problems,” says Raúl Moreno. “They are always ready to receive and listen to God.” Raúl has learned this first hand while spending time with young people in La Limonada who have gotten caught up in gang activity. For the past two months, Raúl has […]

Introducing the Marcelina Fund

Every day in La Limonada, we encounter needs among vulnerable individuals and families that are unpredictable and urgent. For years, the team has cared for those in difficult circumstances when designated funds were donated to meet specific needs. Now we have a way to extend mercy immediately. It’s the Marcelina Fund, named in honor of […]

She Even Called Her Beautiful [Guest Post]

This post is written by Curtis Mulder, who was recently in La Limonada with a group from Ekklesia Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he is a pastor. He lives in Raleigh with his wife Rachel and two daughters, Kyra and Megan.  This morning at church, nine of us had a chance to share some […]

A Better Way

At one time, Danny was involved in extortion and other criminal acts. But as a handsome young man with a spectacular smile and full of life, he was never all bad. Danny did not know how to react to the love of God, however. He would observe from afar, seemingly not understanding at all. But […]

Join Us For a Screening of Hidden Treasures – with Q&A

Last fall we introduced the trailer for Hidden Treasures, a short film being produced by Silent Images to tell the story of our work in partnership and solidarity with the people of La Limonada. We’re pleased to announce that the film will make its debut two weeks from tonight on Tuesday, January 21, via a […]

Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week

Meeting My Sponsor Child – by Rebecca Caswell

The poem below was written by Lemonade International board member, Rebecca Caswell last month on her flight home from Guatemala as she reflected on meeting her sponsor child, Alejandra. Rebecca has a degree in Special Education from Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, She and her husband RJ are passionate about advocating for children globally. […]

In The Process of Healing

In 2009, the second time I was in Guatemala I was visiting homes in La Limonada with Tita and we walked into the home of two students from the school, only to find the entire family sniffing glue. It was difficult to see a mom, dad, and three young children getting high together. When we […]

Marta’s Story – Growing Her Business Through Microfinance

Marta was part of the first micro-finance borrowing group with Lemonade International in 2010. She has been selling a variety of items for years, trying to help support her family along with her husband. Marta has three children, the youngest of which attends the Limón school, along with one granddaughter. Marta has been a sales […]

Raúl’s* Story – The Safety Of A Home Following His Mother’s Death

At twelve years old, Raúl* has seen more hardship than most people do in their lifetime. He’s small in stature, having been malnourished for so long that his body hasn’t been able to develop properly. His mother was a prostitute. Last year, she was killed during a shooting attack on a taxi she was traveling […]

Mauricio’s Story – From La Limonada to High School Graduation

Mauricio first began attending one of the schools in La Limonada when he was 8 years old. The teachers invested personal time with him, helping him with his homework assignments from his formal school, and teaching him about God’s love. Along with the other students, his birthday was celebrated, he was loved, taught, and encouraged. […]

Colors Of Hope Shining Bright In The Darkness

Earlier this summer I had the unique privilege of going on a prayer walk with Tita through the streets and alleys of La Limonada. I consider it one of the greatest privileges of my life to be able to walk the path between the two schools that she directs. One is in a section of […]

Miriam*: Providence over hopelessness

Miriam stumbled into the vocational training program without a single plan, or recourse for her future. Hers is a story of brokenness interceded by providence, again and again. At 29, Miriam is a victim of longtime severe physical and sexual abuse, and a mother of 3, with one on the way. Just a year and […]

The School is My Mother: Steven in Mandarina

It’s their first day of English class this year, and my second day teaching in La Limonada. We play a game where the students have to guess the correct color in English. “The color of the sky?” I ask. It’s boys versus girls, and the would-be fierce competition is quelled by Steven, who calls out […]

Significant Increase in Donations Received in Guatemala

It has always been a passion of Tita’s to see Guatemalans more fully engaged in giving to support the work in La Limonada. We’re grateful to report that the Vidas Plenas ministry has experienced a significant increase in financial donations and donations of goods received from local Guatemalans this year. From local produce vendors to […]

Former La Limonada Resident From California Buys LI T-Shirts Online

Recently, we received an order of three t-shirts from a young lady from California. When we sent her an email about her order she said, “I really want the three t-shirts because my family and I came from La Limonada, and we really want to help such a great organization!” Then in another email she […]

Photos Of The Day: School Shoes Update

In the month of December we raised $10,000 as part of our “Give Christmas” initiative and those funds are being invested to provide all the children at the Schools and the Safe Home with school shoes. As you may know, our Community Development Director, Hubert, has been working with “O” – a shoemaker from La […]

La Limonada Shoemaker Ready To Make 350 Pairs Of Shoes For Children

With less than 3 days remaining in 2011, we need to raise $4,630 to meet our goal of $10,000 which will provide shoes and school supplies for approximately 350 children in La Limonada. This year we are excited to partner with a local La Limonada shoemaking business, run by “O” and his family, that will […]

Life Lessons in Yoga

For three months this late spring and summer, Lemonade International was blessed to have Gina Stickney leave her life in Philadelphia, PA for an extended trip to Guatemala to teach yoga to the children in both schools. Gina’s heart for the young ones of La Limonada has been evident for several years as she’s returned […]

A Higher Calling

Meet Ana*. Only 44 years old, she has the body and face of a woman years her senior. She suffers from Choreia disease, a neurological disorder that causes involuntary twitching movements. She is in a state of constant motion due to her disease, and her mind has been affected with sickness as well. Her tiny […]

Food Donations From US & Guatemala

Along with the generous donations given by so many of you last month in response to the food shortage at the schools, the schools received donations of food from people here in Guatemala. Thanks so much for helping to provide more than 300 children with healthy meals! Tita said, “no matter how nice pictures, it […]

Report From The Field

I am back in Guatemala for the first time since February and there has been a constant buzz of activity since I arrived on Friday afternoon. Here’s what’s been going on over the past four days along with some of my thoughts and reflections: I still feel like a kid who’s about to go to […]

Better to Be on the Streets Than in the House?

I met Gloria a long time ago, when she was 2 years old. Her 11-year-old sister had been abused multiple times by her own father. Gloria, at her very young age, had all the symptoms of being abused as well. And her mom? She didn’t protect them. Instead, she accused her daughters of being seductive. […]

To Cry or to Laugh?

To cry or to laugh? Maybe both… Sara, precious and intelligent. She was born in prison and all that she has seen in her two and a half years of life has been inside the small world of a jail. Her eyes that investigate everything with curiosity and her mind that is so quick to […]

Little by Little, Step by Step

She turned 28, but looks older… …because of a very hard life, sexual abuse from childhood, pregnancy at 12 from her own father, leaving her child right after he was born. Not because she didn’t love him, but because of the meaning that child was representing… Nevertheless, on May 23rd, the tears are running down […]

Would You Rather…

This week while hanging out in the Lemonade House with the awesome group visiting from Chapel Pointe in Hudsonville, Michigan, we played a game called “Would You Rather…?” The premise of the game is to decide what you would do in completely random situations that would likely never happen. An interesting question came about… “Would […]

The Ones You Have Abandoned

I know someone who is a psychologist, who has worked a long time with gang members in prisons, so he has some experience in what I am about to tell you. He gave me some information that made me my blood run faster, wanting other Guatemalans to listen to what I was listening to. This person told me: “The time and money you invest to restore one gang member – would be the resources to help 30 or 35 children and prevent them fro […]

If Only I Could Put Into Words…

If only I could put it into words My heart is broken, so broken A child has opened his heart about his sexual desires persistent, severe and extreme in some senses In the incredible conversation, so honest from his side So much crying because I couldn’t bear it anymore, and I don’t know what to do anymore. […]

A Time to Prepare

As part of preparation for the school year, this past week the teachers had a three-day training session with Nate and Myra Bacon. The Bacons have been working with InnerChange for several years and have an extensive backround in gang ministry, hospitality, and Biblical teaching. The whole team got together each morning of last week […]

Simple Things

Simple things. So very many simple things that the haves take for granted, while the have-nots go without. Simple things. Like ice cream and movies. Saturday afternoon we took the kids from Mi Casita to the movies. That was quite an experience. For a lot of them, even for an 11-year old, it was the […]

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