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You Can Impact Lives in La Limonada This Summer

It’s summertime. It’s hot. What is better to quench your thirst but a big ole’ glass of lemonade? But… you’re busy and you really can’t go around picking lemons and squeezing them by hand… all for a glass of something fresh to drink! Who has time for that?! What if you could give a refreshing […]

8 Yr-Old Megan Did It… So Can You!

Eight Year-Old Megan Jolley, from Raleigh, NC, decided that she wanted to give something back to others for her eighth birthday. When presented with the idea of doing a Lemonade Stand she lit up with excitement. Her family had been sponsoring a child and supporting the Mi Casita Safe Home… and Megan was so excited […]

New Website & The May Campaign

Thanks to countless volunteer hours from Todd Hiestand and Nathalie Szejner, and many long days and late nights for Rebecca, Cherie and me, our new website is live. We’re not only excited about the new “look” of our site (although we do think it looks great), we believe it’s cleaner and easier to navigate. Most […]

Our Wedding Lemonade Stand – Katie Hoiland

The following is reposted from Katie Hoiland’s blog. She and her husband, Tim, are awesome people with a passion for restoration, justice, compassion & peace for the most vulnerable around the world. We’re grateful that they raised $1,090 through their Wedding Lemonade Stand! It is hard to believe Tim and I were married almost six […]

Rebecca Caswell – A Half Marathon With A Purpose

The following is from Rebecca Caswell, an adoptive mother of four, including two from Guatemala, who started a Lemonade Stand in late 2011 with plans to run the Kiawah Island Half Marathon on December 10 – with the purpose of raising $1,680 to support the Mi Casita Safe Home. Not only did Rebecca finish the […]

Board Member Todd Hiestand On Why He’s Running The Chicago Marathon

The following is reposted from the blog  of Lemonade International board member, Todd Hiestand. Todd is raising awareness/money for Lemonade International by running the 2011 Chicago Marathon. You can help educate and feed the children of La Limonada by donating here. About a year and a half ago a friend of mine, Katie Nolan, was lost on Mt. […]

The Peytons’ Garage Sale & Lemonade Stand

This past weekend, Lemonade International board member, Kevin Peyton, and his wife Nona, who is an incredible advocate of our work in Guatemala, led the way by hosting a community garage sale and lemonade stand at their home in the Cincinnati, OH area. Their goal was to raise $500 for the “Mi Casita” Safe Home […]

Update: 8 Yr-Old Raises $2,917.84 Through Her Lemonade Stand

If you’ve been reading our blog regularly over the past couple months you’re probably aware of Megan Jolley’s Lemonade Stand. Megan started a Lemonade Stand in the beginning of June with the goal of raising $208 by her 8th birthday at the end of June. By the time Megan’s birthday rolled around, she had raised […]

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