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Supporting The Effort

As many of you know, last month we had the opportunity to open the Lima Academy in the neighborhood of La Limonada called El Esfuerzo (“The Effort”). Along with this great achievement, in the microenterprise program we also had the privilege to support a group of entrepreneurs in this neighborhood. These are Joarcy, Carlos, Rolando, […]

New Opportunity Through Business and Savings

This story about recent participants in our economic development work in La Limonada comes from Sam Brizuela, our Micro-Enterprise Program Coordinator. Previously, Sam has blogged about a financial management course and business training for clients. It’s been about two months since we first met these two families.* Our first approach was through a reference telling us […]

The Mark of the Lime [Guest Post]

This post is by Emily Sexton from Em Grey Photography in Raleigh. A longtime supporter of Lemonade International, she recently visited La Limonada for the first time. A minimum of 10% of all Em Grey Photography profits support our work in partnership with the people of La Limonada, for which we are very grateful! They […]

Empowering Micro-Enterprise Clients Through Training

We were grateful to have completed a five-week training course for all of our Micro-Enterprise borrowing groups as well as a few other people from the La Limonada community. The course topic was Four Steps to a Better Business and we all learned the importance of talking to clients, calculating earnings, reducing costs and preparing […]

Sandra – Help with Chemotherapy and Surgery

Sandra is a hard-working woman who has been in our Micro Enterprise program for nearly two years. She sells fruit smoothies on the street in La Limonada. Earlier this year Sandra was diagnosed with breast cancer. We talked to her to find out if she was going to be able to continue with her business […]

A Huge Thank You To Our Summer Intern – Sarah Lauffer

Sarah Lauffer, a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, learned about Lemonade International through her involvement with Carolina Microfinance Initiative (CMI) – the campus group that serves in partnership with our Micro-Enterprise program in La Limonada. Her growing interest in our work led to a two month internship with us in […]

Lydia and the Resourceful People of La Limonada

Lydia makes fresh corn tortillas in her small home in La Limonada, the largest slum in Central America. She grinds the corn each day and hand shapes each tortilla to be grilled, bagged, and sometimes delivered by her family members. They sell for 1Q for 4 tortillas, which is about 28 tortillas for $1.00 U.S. […]

Introducing The Root Collective

Our good friend, Bethany Tran, has been working tirelessly toward the launch of her new online retail business, and we are very excited to introduce The Root Collective to you via social media. We love what The Root Collective is all about… The Root Collective wants to connect shoppers with makers, communities with each other, […]

Micro-Enterprise Recognition Program

With support received as a result of a fundraiser led by students from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, we have been able to start a recognition program for our micro-enterprise clients. Our goal is to recognize and reward clients at the end of every loan cycle. To qualify, a client has to […]

Money Management Course in La Limonada

In partnership with The Ministry of Economy of Guatemala, our micro-enterprise program, El Fondo de Apoyo Comunitario International, has started a financial education course called “How to Manage Your Money”. In this course women from the loan program and parents from the Mandarina School are learning important topics such as creating a budget, savings and […]

Introducing Our New Micro-Enterprise Director – Samuel Brizuela

Thanks to our partnership with UNC Chapel Hill’s Carolina Microfinance Initiative campus group and FAC, we are grateful to announce the addition of Samuel Brizuela to the team in Guatemala. Sam will be serving as the Micro-Enterprise Program Director and will be working along with Nestor Sicaja who has served as the program’s loan officer […]

Marta’s Story – Growing Her Business Through Microfinance

Marta was part of the first micro-finance borrowing group with Lemonade International in 2010. She has been selling a variety of items for years, trying to help support her family along with her husband. Marta has three children, the youngest of which attends the Limón school, along with one granddaughter. Marta has been a sales […]

2011 Donor Impact Report

Thank you for standing in solidarity with us in 2011 as we continued our mission to partner with local leaders in Guatemala who serve the people of La Limonada. Words cannot fully capture the impact of your generosity and love, but we hope this report helps to tell the story of what we have done […]

Seeking to Fill Microfinance Director Position in Guatemala

Thanks to funding from Carolina Microfinance Initiative at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, our microfinance program, El Fondo de Apoyo Comunitario (FAC: “The Community Empowerment Fund International”) is looking to expand by hiring a new Director. The Director will be responsible for coordinating and representing operations in Guatemala, as well as leading […]

Photos Of The Day: School Shoes Update

In the month of December we raised $10,000 as part of our “Give Christmas” initiative and those funds are being invested to provide all the children at the Schools and the Safe Home with school shoes. As you may know, our Community Development Director, Hubert, has been working with “O” – a shoemaker from La […]

FAC Microfinance Fundraiser

FAC is the microfinance arm of Lemonade International that provides small loans, matched savings accounts, entrepreneurial education, and relational support to the people of La Limonada. One of the things that make FAC unique is that it was started internationally and is operated domestically by students from UNC-Chapel Hill. Stateside, students work with on-the-ground Guatemalan […]

La Limonada Shoemaker Ready To Make 350 Pairs Of Shoes For Children

With less than 3 days remaining in 2011, we need to raise $4,630 to meet our goal of $10,000 which will provide shoes and school supplies for approximately 350 children in La Limonada. This year we are excited to partner with a local La Limonada shoemaking business, run by “O” and his family, that will […]

FAC Microfinance Fundraising Event in Charlotte

The students from UNC-Chapel Hill who help to lead our micro-enterprise program in La Limonada will be hosting a fundraising event from 5-8pm on Saturday, November 19 in Charlotte, NC. See below for more information and if you have any questions please contact Santi Beltran.

“Changing Slums Into Cities”

Our friend, Chris Marshall, shared this video today and we just had to pass it on to you. It is from Poverty Cure and discusses how foreign aid can do more harm than good and how empowering people through education and entrepreneurship Our favorite line is at 3:40 when one of the featured individuals says, […]

Micro-enterprise Update: Limón Teachers Enter Savings Program

This summer, three UNC Chapel Hill students are investing several weeks to help lead our Micro-enterprise Program alongside, Nestor, the local leader and loan officer. They have been working to expand the program to include a savings component that is also being offered to the teachers at the schools in La Limonada. We’re grateful for […]

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