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Photo of the Week

What does it do to a child growing up around constant reminders of the violence that dominates their community? Walking to school in La Limonada means passing by walls littered with bullet holes and signs of the gang presence that surrounds them. (Photo by Silent Images)

Presence in Pain

Names have been changed to protect the family. The prayer walk comes to a halt. They have reached the place where blood was spilled days before. Life was taken at the hands of frustrated teenagers with guns in their hands and retaliation in their hearts. Prayers spill out as the group cries, “Lord, end this […]

Important Update: Increased Violence in La Limonada

  As you may have seen in our social media updates, in recent weeks there has been an increase in senseless violence in two of the neighborhoods in La Limonada. Cycles of extreme poverty and corresponding loss of hope have long dominated the community. Children growing up without access to basic services, education, jobs, or […]

Jesus Among the Gang Members

“Young people are seeking a way out of all suffering and problems,” says Raúl Moreno. “They are always ready to receive and listen to God.” Raúl has learned this first hand while spending time with young people in La Limonada who have gotten caught up in gang activity. For the past two months, Raúl has […]

For A Plate of Food

Note: This post by Tita Evertsz originally appeared in Spanish on the Vidas Plenas blog, and has been translated and reposted here with permission. Not for the first time, we are having a stressful time in La Limonada. Although we always have different situations like these, I want to tell you about the reality of […]

Field Trip to God’s Heart – Part 2

The following is part two of a guest post from Aixa de López. Aixa is a graphic designer and the wife of Alex López, Associate Pastor of Fraternidad Cristiana in Guatemala City. She said, “The closer I am drawn to the cross, the more clearly I understand I am as poor and needy as the […]

Photo of the Week

Jonathan’s House Is Completed

What “started originally as a roof replacement,… quickly turned into a full rebuilding of [an] entire house.” Through this process seven gang members – from the new Carpentry Workshop program – were trained in carpentry skills and Jonathan Xicoy (one of the older boys who attends Escuelita Mandarina) and his family have a new house. […]

Building a New Life

Gangs are a massive part of the “culture” of La Limonada. If you walk through the ghetto, you are guaranteed to cross paths with members of different gangs, all vying for their right to the street. Aside from the work being done with the children of the ghetto, there is also something moving here with gang […]

Life Of Hope & The Carpentry Workshop

A group led by our friends from Life Of Hope in Joplin, MO spent a few days in La Limonada this week and this is what Tita had to say about the time they invested while there… “Whenever we receive groups some people think it is more work for us, but it really helps us. […]

Gangs, Guns, Kids… and Hope

There are about ten different “barrios” (or neighborhoods) in La Limonada and all of them are ruled by gangs. Violence has been a way of life especially for the young men there. Boys join gangs when they are as young as 13 years old. One gang will kill the member of another gang which sparks […]

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