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All Funds Received For Completion Of Escuelita Mandarina Renovations!!

Thanks to the generosity of churches, families and individuals, all the funds have been raised for the completion of the renovations of Escuelita Mandarina in La Limonada! Tita, the team in Guatemala and our team here in the States, along with the children and families in La Limonada, are very grateful for every church, individual […]

Help To Complete Mandarina School Renovations

As a result of the generosity and hard work of so many this year, we have been able to make significant progress on the renovations of the new “Mandarina” school in La Limonada. About 95 children have been attending school while saws have been buzzing and hammers have been banging all around them. They have […]

The finished project

Wow, talk about transformation! What started as an all white room in the beginning of the week has now become a forest of many colors. Susan, Rob and the team from Ohio did such an amazing job! I wish the video and pictures did justice to the beauty they created with their gift of art. […]

The start of something beautiful

There is an amazing artist couple here this week from Ohio, who are using their gifts and talents to paint a mural in one of the classrooms at Mandarina. This is day one… Check back next week for the completed project!

Escuelita Mandarina Renovations Update – Video

Renovations at Escuelita Mandarina have been progressing along over the past several weeks. Thanks to our general contractor, Juan Carlos, and his workers… and the incredible help of donors and volunteer teams from the States, a lot has been accomplished in the the past couple weeks. Here is a tour of the progress…

A Splash of Color

As the renovations in Escuela Mandarina continue, we wanted to share some of the exciting process. Color on the walls! With most homes in La Limonada being very dark, closed, and dismal, it’s been neat to see this building transform into a place of light, hope, and brightness. Of course that doesn’t only come from […]

Mandarina Renovations – Almost There

The basic renovations at Escuelita Mandarina are nearing completion. With the help of some generous donors we’ve made it this far… and it looks like we’re going to be able to get the roof on in the next couple weeks before rainy season is in full swing. We have a pledge from donors to cover […]

Escuelita Mandarina Renovations – Progress

In November of last year we expanded our work by establishing a second school – “Escuelita Mandarina” – in another barrio in La Limonada. With a $15,000 donation we received we were able to purchase the building for approximately $9,000, as well as purchase new desks and chairs for the classrooms and all the needed […]

Renovations Have Begun!

Renovations began today on the new school building on “The Other Side”. The “crew” came this morning to start the work. They began by tearing down walls of old rusted tin, carrying in all the necessary tools and supplies and making room for new windows and walls. For the duration of the construction both classrooms […]

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