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Photo of the Week

Photo Of The Week

Precious Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day comes a little earlier in Guatemala than it does in the United States. This Thursday, fathers in Guatemala will be recognized for their love and faithfulness to their families. Sadly, some children in La Limonada will not have their birth fathers around to celebrate the day with, but some of them still have […]

Love Your Enemies

“But I tell you: Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.” This verse from Matthew 5 undoubtedly causes most of us a near visceral reaction. Western mentality is consumed by a recoiling response that pushes most of us to treat others in the same way they treat us. If someone treats us […]

“E” – Apprentice and Artist

“E” is 18-years-old and was recently released from jail. He is back in La Limonada and has enrolled in the Carpentry Workshop – attending faithfully. He has been working hard on the construction projects and has great potential to be a really good craftsman. The team in Guatemala is so proud of him. He was […]

Jonathan’s House Is Completed

What “started originally as a roof replacement,… quickly turned into a full rebuilding of [an] entire house.” Through this process seven gang members – from the new Carpentry Workshop program – were trained in carpentry skills and Jonathan Xicoy (one of the older boys who attends Escuelita Mandarina) and his family have a new house. […]

Building a New Life

Gangs are a massive part of the “culture” of La Limonada. If you walk through the ghetto, you are guaranteed to cross paths with members of different gangs, all vying for their right to the street. Aside from the work being done with the children of the ghetto, there is also something moving here with gang […]

Life Of Hope & The Carpentry Workshop

A group led by our friends from Life Of Hope in Joplin, MO spent a few days in La Limonada this week and this is what Tita had to say about the time they invested while there… “Whenever we receive groups some people think it is more work for us, but it really helps us. […]

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