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Justice Happened – I AM ART returned to La Limonada

Last week, the children of La Limonada were invited to transform pain into purpose through creative arts with the I AM ART camp. They joined their teachers in coming together at a church located outside of the community, enabling children from rival communities to enjoy time all together. Through our partnership with Athentikos and Vidas […]

Calling All Artists – I AM ART returns to La Limonada

We’re thrilled to announce our continued partnership with Athentikos and Vidas Plenas to facilitate art camp for the at-risk children of La Limonada this summer. Through the power of art, we have seen children oppressed by abuse, deep poverty, marginalization, and neglect come to life and find a voice as they experience the healing power […]

[Guest Post] Creativity Takes Courage

Amelia Moore has been a long-time friend and advocate of Lemonade International. Amelia and her husband Scott have used their incredibly creative talents to advocate for the people of Guatemala, often including the children and families of La Limonada. In previous years, they have made the wonderful art camp experience for the community. Next month, they […]

On A Mission for Something Different

Today we have a fun artistic contribution to share. A friend of our sponsorship coordinator Rebecca Gant named Emily Glasser—who sponsors a girl in La Limonada named Thairi—was given an assignment during her senior year of high school: to create an entry for an online six-word memoir book. Emily writes this about the inspiration for […]

A Walk in the Park

During the first week of April, children from the Limon and Mandarina Academies participated in the “I Am Art” initiative designed and sponsored by Athentikos. Children from opposite sides of La Limonada came together to learn and create pieces of art based on the rights of the child. Prior to art week, the students had […]

Finding The Art Within [Guest Post]

Today’s guest post comes from Amelia Moore, a photographer and associate producer at Athentikos, which produced the film Reparando, telling stories from La Limonada and elsewhere in Guatemala. Amelia and her husband Scott are true friends of the people of La Limonada, and we’re grateful for their efforts to make art programs available to the […]

Josué and Edison: “Enemies” Brought Together at Art Camp

After having spent the past year working with and loving the children of La Limonada, I can say without a doubt that Art Camp was the best week of the year! Kids who are normally so held down by life burdens – hunger, alcoholic parents, drugs, violence, gang activity, prejudice – joined us in a […]

“Happy Like Never Before In My Life”

At Art Camp a few weeks ago, I walked up to one of my favorite children (I know we’re not supposed to have favorites but I just can’t help it) while she was in one of the art class and saw how serious she was as she was working on a project. Half joking, I […]

Thank You For Making Art Camp A Reality!

Thanks to each of you who gave so generously this year – we had a wonderful experience at the annual Art Camp in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. Over ninety children and fifty adults piled into busses and vans to spend the week together – growing, learning and being healed through art. At this year’s Art Camp […]

Photos From Art Camp

Internet access has been very limited for the team at Art Camp this week so we haven’t been able to post an update, but we do have a few photos to share (taken with a camera phone). We’ll be posting a summary (along with a lot more photos) early next week. In the meantime here’s […]

Art Camp Starts Sunday

Thanks to the generosity of so many, and to our partnership with Athentikos and the grant they received from LEGO, Art Camp will be a reality for 80 children from La Limonada next week. On Sunday, the children will say good-bye to their parents and guardians and get on buses for a 5-hour ride to […]

Art Camp – We’re Almost There

Together with our friends from Athentikos, we have raised over $13,000 and we’re only $1,600 from our goal to send 80 children from La Limonada to Art Camp this November. Tomorrow, October 10, at midnight is the deadline to reach our goal. Would you consider one of the following gifts? $150 = Art Camp for […]

Help Send 80 Children To Art Camp

Athentikos highlight video from last year’s Art Camp “ValorArte”: Art Camp 2012 The theme of this year’s art camp is “ValorArte” – which is a play on words in Spanish. “Valor” means “To Value”… and “Arte” means “Art”… but the word “Valorarte” means “Value Yourself”. Give by October 10th so 80 children from La Limonada […]

Reparado Film Featured on Our Website

We’re excited to have updated the La Limonada page on our website to include a clip from the documentary film, Reparando, produced by our friends from Athentikos. The clip from the film features Tita Evertsz and her personal perspective on the La Limonada community. Our favorite line from the clip is when Tita says, “It’s […]

Art Camp 2011 Video Highlights From Athentikos

We’re grateful for our friends from Athentikos for helping to make this year’s Art Camp a reality. The following is re-posted from their blog. Thanks to a grant from LEGO, Athentikos was able to partner with Lemonade International to take children from one of Central America’s largest slum communities to a week long Art Camp […]

Photos From Art Camp

Photo of the Week

Breakdancing At Art Camp!

Children Get Creative with LEGOs at Art Camp

Thanks to the grant our friends from Athentikos received from LEGO and the boxes of LEGOs donated, the children are getting creative at some of the workshops at Art Camp this week!

More Than 80 Children From La Limonada Attending Art Camp This Week

Yesterday morning more than 80 children from the schools in La Limonada and the Mi Casita Safe Home embarked on a five hour bus trip to the El Faro retreat center near Puerto Barrios on the coast of Guatemala on the Carribean Sea. As in years past, for most of the children it is their […]

Help Send A Child To Arts Camp 2010

We’re excited to announce the 3rd Annual “Arts Camp” for children from the schools in La Limonada! The past two years we have been able to support the incredible efforts of BuildaBridge, and  Estrategia de Transformación as they have provided a week filled with the transformative power of the arts to bring hope and healing […]

One Boy’s Life – More From Arts Camp

It’s incredible how 5 days can change a life. To grow up in the ghetto of La Limonada in Guatemala City is to grow up without hope, to see death, poverty, destitution. Having been to the ghetto in the past, I had seen first hand the depravity of the slum and knew that there were […]

Reflecting on Arts Camp…

The culmination of an incredible week at the arts camp was just as amazing in its power as the days leading up to it. This past Saturday, parents, siblings, grandparents and friends of the kids that had participated in the arts camp surrounded a small pavilion at Campo De Marte to support the final celebration […]

UNITY – Arts Camp 2009

What have 107 children been waiting for pretty much all year? This week. Monday morning we piled into 2 school buses and took the almost 8 hour drive to Puerto Barrios for the Arts Camp. This camp is sponsored by Build A Bridge as well as Guatemalan artists and the theme of the camp is […]

Arts Camp 2008

BuildaBridge together in partnership with Estrategia de Transformación is conducting an Arts Camp for more than 80 children from La Escuelita in La Limonada.The camp will take place from November 24-28 at a beautiful retreat center near Puerto Barrios, Guatemala (about a 5 hour drive from Guatemala City) on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. […]

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