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Thanks, Katie Hoiland!

We want to share a deep and heartfelt “thank you” to Katie Høiland for giving her whole heart to Lemonade International, Vidas Plenas and the beautiful people of La Limonada over the last few years.  Earlier this year she made the decision to transition out of her role as our Director of Strategic Advancement and on to what God has next for her.

Katie joined the Lemonade team in 2014 through a blogger’s trip, and her influence on Lemonade’s social media, donor relations, and fundraising are incomparable. She not only contributed to these important parts of her role, but served as an important leader in the midst of the normal, but highly complex, challenges of international nonprofit work. The leadership contribution she made during the recent leadership transition of our founder, Bill Cummings, cannot be over-valued.

Katie’s fingerprints and influence will be felt by all of us for many years to come.

Chal Knox, Executive Director, writes:

“Words are inadequate to express our gratefulness and appreciation for the sacrificial dedication and commitment Katie displayed serving at Lemonade. Her passion and ability to bring peace during challenging times of transition and encouragement to the staff of Vidas Plenas in La Limonada were such a blessing to our team. Her knowledge of fundraising and her ability to listen and lead have been one of the biggest contributors to Lemonade International’s growth over the last few years. Saying goodbye is never easy, especially to someone who has been such a valued team member. While we are sad to see her leave, we are proud of the fact that she has decided to step out into a new adventure. We wish her all the best now and into the future.”

Chris Marshall, Chairman, Board of Directors writes:

“Katie was an exemplary staff member for Lemonade International and partner to Vidas Plenas. She is a true professional and always went above and beyond her call to service. We are thankful and bless the talent, voice, and heart of Katie!”

Lemonade International will not be the same without her.

Please join us in wishing Katie the very best!

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