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Introducing Jenny Schmitt

Meet Jenny Schmitt. We are so glad we did. We are very grateful that after many years supporting and working with Lemonade, Jenny graciously agreed to join the Lemonade International Board as Board Secretary.

Who are you?

I have worked in Next Gen ministries for three decades and currently serve as the Next Gen Development Director for Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, NC.

Throughout my adult life, the Lord has taken me on many mission trips to Argentina, Haiti, Burundi, Rwanda and Guatemala. I have led teams from my church to Guatemala City on multiple occasions.

I have a passion for the church and for people to find their place in it.

While I have never been married nor have my own children, I am the proud aunt to 13 nieces and nephews and 3 great nieces and nephews, as well as countless numbers of kids and students throughout the years.

How were you first introduced to Lemonade International?

My church was introduced to Lemonade International by a congregant who was from Guatemala City. Shortly thereafter, I was asked by my church to lead the first team to Guatemala City in 2016.

What drew your heart to Guatemala City?

The people! They are so genuine and hospitable. It’s a joy to be with the people and to be received by them in their homes. I knew upon that first visit that God was calling our church to serve there.

What were your thoughts after your first visit to Guatemala City and neighborhoods like La Limonada?

God has taken me to many countries, and I can see the work He does in all the places I have been. It was evident to me that God was working there in Guatemala City and La Limonada as well! Meeting the Lemonade team and seeing the passion they have for the people was amazing. Seeing the work happening in La Limonada – that people were being reached for Christ – reminded me that God is working in so many places! Sometimes we get to see it for ourselves. The kids and families are so much like the ones here in the states. While they may not have many things materially, the hopes, prayers and dreams the Guatemalans have for their families are very much the same!

What is your hope for Lemonade International?

I pray that Lemonade would be a vehicle to empower people on the ground in Guatemala to reach people for Christ, through partnerships, teams and the love of Christ! That God would continue to open doors to reach as many people as He sees fit for us to reach. My hope is that Lemonade would always be obedient to go where God calls us to go!

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