Partnering Together in 2024

Shop our gift catalog and help equip families in Guatemala holistically. These gifts serve the families and children endangered by poverty, violence, and injustice. Give the gift of shoes, vitamins, gang prevention, family care, and more!

In 2024, Give the Gift of a New Future!

Give Shoes


Provides a child with a new pair of shoes made by a local shoemaker and some school supplies.

Give School Supplies


Provides the necessary school supplies for up to 8 children for one month.

Give Nutrition


Provides essential vitamins and medical support for one family for one month.

Give Family Care


Empower a staff member and a psychologist to serve a family.

Give Wages


Give one Guatemalan staff member a month worth of salary.

Give to NextGen


Help 2 scholars finish high school and stay out of gangs.

Support Emotional Health

Provide trauma-informed intervention and care when it is needed most.

Imprisonment, gang violence, and extortion create vulnerable communities in Guatemala City. However, families are resilient and learn to trust again when they receive the right resources and intervention designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. With your help, we can impact the next generation.

Give Emotional Care


Empower our entire team of mentors and psychologists to help families with trauma-informed intervention and care.


Holistic support is in reach for families and children in Guatemala City’s poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods.

In the five neighborhoods we serve, many children are forced to live with distant relatives, have to drop out of school, and face extreme malnutrition and hunger. When political tension stretches resources thin and displaces vulnerable families, your gift empowers more local leaders to proactively step into the gap and serve new neighborhoods.

Adopt a Neighborhood


Provide all of the support and resources included in our gift catalog to an entire neighborhood for three months.

Help us reach the families and children in the poorest neighborhoods of Guatemala.

Your donation goes directly to breaking the cycles of poverty, violence, and injustice in Guatemala City.

We are committed to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible. Donations will be used to provide assistance where needed most as we work to help the families and children of Guatemala City. All donations are tax-deductible.