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Gaby rises above her lack of papers to receive an education

At the age of seven, Gaby enrolled at an academy despite the obstacles she faced as a young girl. Before entering the program in 2014, Gaby had no way of verifying her age. Her mother’s involvement in selling drugs deterred her from filing a birth certificate with the government. Without a birth certificate, Gaby had no way of enrolling in public school and receiving an education.

On top of that, Gaby’s mother found herself facing jail time due to her drug involvement. The bureaucracy of filing documentation for a child whose mother was serving time in prison did not help Gaby’s fight to receive an education.

Her family members would not even step in to help with getting a birth certificate. Hope for the future was dwindling. That is until one day a teacher at the academy heard about Gaby’s dilemma and offered a unique solution: studying with Vidas Plenas.

Vidas Plenas was able to make an exception in enrolling Gaby in the program without papers. Although she was not able to go to public school, she began learning to read and write at the academy. 

While there was conflict in her family, Gaby was able to rise above the challenges and receive the support that all of the academy students receive: education, proper hygiene, spiritual value, and unconditional love. Not to mention the importance of being surrounded by teachers and students who loved and cared for her every day.

Gaby not only learned to read and write but is now finishing her studies at a public elementary school after a relative stepped in to help file proper documentation with the government. She plans to go into the Scholars program soon.

Gaby’s life shows us that resilience and faith can create opportunities for those who may have not had any otherwise. For these types of circumstances, we thank God for being present in La Limonada and being able to serve Gaby as she steps into a bright and hopeful future.

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