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Developing Emotional Awareness in Children

The effects of poverty, ongoing trauma, and violence are the most extreme on children, causing long-term damage to minds, bodies, and hearts.

In addition to providing individual therapy for the children in the academies, the psychologists are always working on additional ways to equip the children with what they need to be healthy and whole.

As Psalm 22 demonstrates for us, God invites all of us to bring the full-range of our emotions to him. He hears the cries of the children in La Limonada. He bottles their tears. And he delights in their joys.

Last week, the psychologists began an 8-week workshop to help the children become more aware of their own emotions, to identify and name their emotions, to understand the emotions of others, and to find healthy ways to express their emotions.

Utilizing the book, “The Color Monster,” they are devoting each week to a specific emotion – joy, sadness, anger, fear, calm, and love. Each emotion is assigned a color. The children can express their emotions through the colors.

Will you join us in praying for the children and psychologists as they have this special time together? Will you pray for children to grow in their emotional awareness and learn to express their emotions in healthy ways? Will you celebrate how God is using the psychologists in the emotional and spiritual health of the children?

-Katie Hoiland
(Photos updated October 4, 2017)

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