The primary focus of Child Sponsorship is the relationship that is built between the sponsor and the child.

We encourage sponsors to occasionally send videos to the children/teacher they sponsor, it is a fun way to let them know their sponsors (“Padrinos”) are thinking about them.

Some guidelines on creating a video: 

  • Please keep in mind that we will have to translate your video into Spanish so do your best to keep your video short in length.
  • When recording your video be sensitive not to video your material possessions. Even for families living on a modest income, there is a huge disparity in lifestyle compared to people in La Limonada and it is best not to draw attention to that disparity. Our hope is for sponsors to relate to the children/teachers as fellow human beings with hopes, dreams, fears and challenges – to focus on what you have in common, not on what separates you from them.
  • Some ideas for your video… introduce yourself and your family, and maybe even show them your pets. You can show them nature, maybe something that is different than what they may see in Guatemala (ie, snow, different types of trees, etc.)

Some tips on creating a video:

  • Use your computer camera. If you are using a Mac use the app “Photo Booth”.  Save the file and then upload it below.
  • Use your phone camera. When you are done, send your video to your phone via email or a file sharing service like Dropbox and upload it using the form below