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Give Christmas 2014 | Lemonade International

For many of us this is a hectic time of year. As we shop for Christmas gifts for loved ones, host and attend parties, and scramble to wrap up our to-do lists at work, it could be very easy for us to miss out on the “peace on earth” which was announced in anticipation of the birth of Jesus. My hope is that our Advent blog series has helped you experience this peace, as outstanding writers have challenged us to consider the incredible gift God has given the world—a Gift who would change the course of human history and the lives of untold millions.

As Christmas Day approaches, I wanted to let you know how grateful we are for the individuals, families, churches, and small businesses who have given generous Give Christmas gifts so far this Christmas season. It’s because of your generosity that the amazing work being done in La Limonada is possible.

For those of you who have not had a chance to participate in Give Christmas 2014, I wanted to remind you that we have set an ambitious goal of $90,000. This is not a random dollar amount based on what we hope to raise before the end of the year. It represents very real, very tangible needs in the La Limonada community—which will provide children and families with opportunities to escape cycles of poverty, violence, and injustice.

At this time, we have reached approximately 35% of our goal. From now until December 31, gifts both large and small will help to ensure that every child receives shoes and school supplies, every teacher gets paid a fair wage, and every scholar receives the tuition necessary to continue their education in seventh grade and beyond.

Would you consider serving children, teachers, and scholars in La Limonada with a generous gift through Give Christmas today?

With hope for a peace-filled Christmas,

Bill Cummings
Founder and CEO

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