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We’re Proud To Announce a New Partnership With… Today’s Cliché

We are proud (and very excited) to announce a new partnership with the Today’s Cliché blog!

Kat & Dave (the awesome couple behind Today’s Cliché) have personally been partners of Lemonade International for over a year. They chose to sponsor a child – Andrea Rodriguez – from one of our schools in La Limonada in January of last year and have made a tremendous impact in her life through their generosity and prayers. They also attended our Fundraising Gala last spring and we could tell right away that they were authentic, energetic and fun people (I guess you have to be with four young children)!

Kat & Dave are passionate people. They are passionate about their faith in God, each other, their children, and life in general. To purposely sound cliché, they are the real deal!

Kat will admit that she borderlines on being obsessed with children from around the globe, and learning about new people — especially new cultures. Sometimes she’s embarrassed to admit she has been blessed enough to have circumnavigated the globe on a ship, living in and briefly visiting 10 countries: Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, and Japan.

Here is a snapshot of what makes Today’s Cliché a very unique blog that is well worth following:

  • Although personal blogs seem to be a dime a dozen these days, this hubby/wife team utilizes clichés as the backdrop to candidly illustrate how very differently men and women think, and relate. Today’s Cliché is a modern day spin on the good ‘ole He Said / She Said cliché, explicitly devouring – while spinning – common dilemmas families encounter in our materialistic American culture.
  • Today’s Cliché dissects the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding relationships, ‘grown up’ responsibilities, parenting, shopping, debt, marriage, intimacy, disciplining a tribe of children… you name it. The paradox is that you will be given BOTH the man’s and a woman’s perspective. Make sense?

Today’s Cliché will be posting a feature about Lemonade International each month and this blog will feature a post from Today’s Cliché each month. We think this is a great partnership because of our mutual passion for God, family and children!

Thanks to Kat and Dave and Today’s Cliché for joining together with us in our love for the people of La Limonada!!

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