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Web Design and Graphic Design – 100% Pro Bono

Over the years we’ve received many compliments on our graphic design and web design and each time I’m reminded how blessed we are to have had such excellent work done by people who have done it all for free.

From our original logo design done by Justin Stewart and the web design done by Donnie Long, we have always had a strong web presence since we were founded in 2008. Donnie invested many long days and late nights to provide us with a web presence that was instrumental in spreading the word about our work.

In August of 2009 I met Todd Hiestand. Todd is a father of four boys, one of whom is adopted from Guatemala. He is lead pastor of The Well, the principle owner of 343design and now serves as a board member of Lemonade International. Soon after meeting him, he began volunteering his time to move our website from a flash based site to html. After countless hours of Todd’s time, we launched our current site on November 1, 2010. Since then, Todd has continued to donate hundreds of hours of his time tweaking, enhancing and maintaining our website. If you are looking for a custom website or blog, Todd is your man!

In recent months I met Nathalie Szejner through our Community Development Director, Hubert Bendfeldt Vásquez. Nathalie is from Guatemala and studied Art Direction in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She now works as a graphic designer in Guatemala City.

She learned about our work after watching the film Reparando and visiting the La Limonada community with Hubert. She was so moved that she made herself available to provide design work for us as a gift to support our work. She has already updated our logo, designed new letterhead and business cards and is now working with Todd and me on a major website update.

We are always grateful for the financial donations that support our work, and we’re also grateful for the thousands of dollars of time people like Todd and Nathalie have given as they invest their skills and talents to help us get our message out! Please join us in thanking them.

Words cannot express our gratitude to have such an incredible community of people who support our work to educate and empower the people of La Limonada.

-Bill Cummings

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