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Waluk’s World Goes To Guatemala

Our friend Chris Waluk, of Waluk’s World, traveled to Guatemala and visited with the children and families of La Limonada last week during his spring break (he is a high school science teacher).

Chris initiated a project he called “Painting Lemonade” in the beginning of the school year where he asked high school art students to paint (or to use other forms of art) portraits of the students at the schools in La Limonada.

We have been able to deliver smaller batches of the finished products to the students throughout the year, but Chris wanted to make the final deliveries himself and to have a chance to meet the students on the receiving end of this awesome project.

I’ve had the opportunity to deliver some of the “Painting Lemonade” creations myself and it is just incredible to see the reactions from the children as they see the images of themselves. They have been blown away by the fact that students here in the US would take the time to create an artistic rendition of their photo!

Here is a great (updated) video he put together from his time there. Thanks to Chris, the art teachers across Wake County and all the art students for making this happen!

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