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Would You And Your Friends Like To Visit Guatemala & Learn With Us?

It’s the time of year when we solidify dates for short-term groups to serve with us in La Limonada. Dates are limited to a first-come first-served basis so visit our Short-Term Groups page today to begin the process of securing your dates.

Our work in La Limonada is founded on our relationships with the people who serve and live there. It is our desire that those relationships are extended to include you as well. A great way to initiate or develop such relationships is by going to Guatemala to meet the people of the community and the team that serves there.

Opportunities like this are traditionally referred to as “short-term missions trips”. While we have great respect for the history behind such trips and know that many lives have been changed through such experiences, it is our conviction that such terminology feeds into our tendency to be paternalistic in our approach to relating to the materially poor.

If you and your group choose to invest time in La Limonada, your time will be just as much (if not more) about “being” and “learning” as it is about “doing”. As we schedule your time in the community we will create as much time as possible for your group to interact with the people who live and serve there – listening to their stories and learning from their lives.

Would you and your family, friends or coworkers like an opportunity to learn with us in La Limonada?

Our Short-Term Groups page has all the information you will need, including an calendar with available dates, our Group Application and Important Information.

If you have any questions please contact Bill Cummings.

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