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Video Skype with Tita – Follow Up on Financial Challenges in Guatemala


On March 28 we shared a video Skype conversation with Tita and me, and we let you know about the financial challenges the team in Guatemala has been facing. We let you know that one of the biggest challenges Lemonade International experiences is to keep up with the vision Tita has for holistic community development work in La Limonada. While we have grown consistently at a rate of 15% year over year since we were founded, the needs on the ground and the passion to meet those needs have grown at a faster rate.

The video above is a follow up to the March video that we recorded on Tuesday, June 19, 2012. It provides a follow up repport on how things are going now in Guatemala. Here are some highlights:

Since we shared the video in March, Tita and her team have responded admirably. A local business owner has been providing pro bono consultation services every Friday (and he will continue to do so at minimum for the rest of 2012). The teachers have started thrift stores at both schools to provide supplemental income to feed the children, and support from local Guatemalans has increased significantly.

In all of 2011 the total support from local Guatemalans was $14,028. As of May 31 of this year, local support in Guatemala totaled $21,010. That is an increase of over $3,000 per month on average.

On the US side, through The May Campaign, 30 people joined TEN2END, 38 shared sponsorships were added and two Lemonade Stands were started. Also, the Amable Foundation (which has supported the Safe Home in the past) has provided a grant of $1,000 a month for the remaining six months of this year – with a matching component of up to another $1,000 a month based on support from new donors in Guatemala. Following the challenging times we began having in the spring we are encouraged to report that things are moving forward and in a positive direction.

We’re grateful to God for His provision and we’re grateful to those of you here in the US and to our friends in Guatemala who continue to give generously to support this life-changing work among the people of La Limonada.

-Bill Cummings

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