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Update on Left Home Alone

Several weeks ago, a story was told of several children being left home alone all day while the parents were out working. In the weeks since you first heard of this, the family was informed that the house they were renting had been sold to a new owner and that they would have to move. This put the family in what seemed to be a hopeless situation.

The staff at Escuelita Mandarina is still taking care of the children during the day and were aware of the family’s housing crisis. The parents felt that the only way to handle the problem was to give the children over to a residential school and become homeless themselves. The oldest daughter had already been given over to a residential school, and the younger 5 would have to be given up as well unless the family could find a place to live. The entire staff at Escuelita Mandarina was looking for a home for the family to live in. It seemed that there was nothing to be found. Days and days of searching brought up nothing, and the situation seemed desperate and without resolution.

Finally, the search yielded a home for the family to reside in. With help from Lemonade International, the family was able to pay the first month’s rent. This is yet another example of God’s provision within this community. His faithfulness continues to move past what seems to be dire circumstances to proffer up hope.

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