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Update – Christmas 2009: Gifts Of Hope

It has been exciting to see how individuals and families have been responding to the Christmas 2009 “Gifts Of Hope” project for the children and teachers at the schools in La Limonada.

One mom explains a proposition she and her husband made to their four daughters:

“We asked them if they would be willing to only receive one gift from their dad and I and use the rest of the money to send for a Lemonade child to receive a backpack. We explained that when we give to help others that sometimes we have to make sacrifices. They were all very excited and willing to help out. So we made a donation of four Back To School Packages, one for each of our girls. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to teach our girls the true meaning of Christmas and the joy of giving to others.”

Another supporter contacted her six siblings and suggested the following:

“The holiday’s are approaching. I know that we usually trade gifts with each other. It seems that this year is a bit hectic for everyone with moves, travel, etc. Also, I am really feeling like there is little I truly need and many who need much more than I am capable of giving. In light of this, I have a Christmas proposal. Perhaps, we could make a donation to one cause and really make in impact…”

She went on to explain in an email to us:

“Additionally, when my parents got wind of our plan they asked that each of us make an additional contribution instead of a gift for them. I think this should amount to an over $1,000 donation to Lemonade.”

I can’t begin to explain what an encouragement it is to see the ways people are giving sacrificially and the example of generosity they are providing for so many.

Click here to learn more about our “Gifts Of Hope” Christmas 2009 project and how you can make an impact in the life of a child or teacher in La Limonada.

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