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UNITY – Arts Camp 2009

What have 107 children been waiting for pretty much all year? This week.
Monday morning we piled into 2 school buses and took the almost 8 hour drive to Puerto Barrios for the Arts Camp. This camp is sponsored by Build A Bridge as well as Guatemalan artists and the theme of the camp is Unity. Watching these kids join together this week has been nothing short of a miracle and an amazing blessing. They are the beginning of bringing Unity to the different barrios in La Limonada and it’s breathtaking to watch this take place.
The purpose of the camp is to bring healing through the arts and the kids have opportunities to take several different classes this week. There is graffiti class, dance class, drama class, textiles and music class, rhythm and movement class, and craft class. As well as time for games, sports, and swimming!!! There has been a special time for the kids at night to have a bonfire and pray for their families, and for their community. I believe it has been a very powerful time for them.
They will all be doing a performance for their families with what they have learned this week, on Saturday back in Guatemala City.
One of the girls came running up to me yesterday and said “please take my picture because I don’t want to EVER forget this.” I don’t think we may ever realize the effects this time is having for them, but I believe they’ll last for eternity.

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