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Tropical Storm Agatha Leaves Family Stranded

Guatemala is still reeling from the disasters that struck several weeks ago. The death toll climbed towards 200 in the days after Tropical Storm Agatha tore through Guatemala. Some news sources put the rebuilding costs over $1 billion American dollars. In the wake of such a crisis, it is difficult to know where, when, and how to help.

Days after the storm, we had published a blog post about several families in the ghetto who had lost their homes in the storm. One family, the Acuña family, lost their home (top-left in photo above) and personal belongings in the rage of the storm. They were given shelter in a one bedroom abode over a recycling center, where they are able to stay for just one month before they will be required to vacate. It has already been two weeks since the Acuña family has taken up residence over the recycling center, so time is running very short for them.

Thankfully, there is a solution to their very grave problem. There is a plot of land that the family can purchase where they could build a new home. Unfortunately, even though they are hardworking, selling wares at the markets in the city every day, they are poor and uneducated, unable to afford the land or construction of a new home.

The cost of the plot of land is $820. The construction of a new, simple home would be $8,000. The Acuña family desperately needs your help. In a few short weeks, they will be homeless, just another family on the street with no where to go. If you are able to help, please visit our donation page, choose the “General Fund” and insert “House for Acuña Family” in the comments box.

Written by Bethany Streng- Volunteer Blogger

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