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Some time ago, “Q” returned from the United States to La Limonada where he grew up and become the head of the gang on the Manderina side. Chaos then began to ensure in La Limonada because of the things he and his gang were doing.

3 years ago, Tita felt led to start going to the Manderina side, specifically to talk with “Q.” She and other members of our team went back repeatedly to talk and share with “Q”, the other gang members, and members of the community. Eventually, “Q” gave permission for Tita to open a second school on the Mandarina side, and he decided to give his life to the Lord. It was the gang members who showed Tita the building that was for sale which has since become Escuelita Mandarina.

“Q” was arrested and has been in prison for at least the last year and a half. His trial is coming up next month. Today he called Tita and said that he’s okay with whatever God wants to do, whether he stays in prison or is set free. He also thanked Tita and the team for all that they are doing for his community. He encouraged us to keep going, to “sigue adelante”.

This story is just incredible to me. It’s incredible how God has used this one man and changed his life. 3 years ago, he was running the gang, causing mayhem, but is now surrendering his life to Lord and thanking us for what we’re doing in the community. Now that’s transformation.

(Originally posted 2/10/10 on Kate’s personal blog)

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