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Today’s Cliché – Featured SITS Blogger

OK… this is a big deal for our friends and partners, Dave & Kat Fotheringham, from Today’s Cliché!

Their blog is being featured on SITS“a group of more than 5,500 women bloggers dedicated to supporting one another by leaving comments. Lots and lots of comments”.

Kat often jokes that the blog is like her fifth child (they really do have four little ones!) – so this really is a big deal. And we want to celebrate with them… and we would like you to celebrate with them too!

Visit the SITS blog and leave a comment:

Check out what SHE has to say about her SITS Day Here:

Check out what HE has to say about SITS Day here:

Today’s Cliché is a great blog that dissects the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding relationships, ‘grown up’ responsibilities, parenting, shopping, debt, marriage, intimacy, disciplining a tribe of children… you name it. The paradox is that you will be given BOTH the man’s and a woman’s perspective.

It is unique, refreshing, fun, honest, passionate and raw… and we think you should read it and add it to your RSS Feed!

To our Today’s Cliché partners… your friends at Lemonade International are proud of you and grateful you have this opportunity today! Thanks so much for your love and support for the La Limonada community!!

Go here to see Today’s Cliché’s Lemonade Int’l blog post for today. It’s a heartfelt response to Johanna’s story from Kat – whose mom passed away just a couple weeks ago.

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