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To Cry or to Laugh?

To cry or to laugh?
Maybe both…

Sara, precious and intelligent. She was born in prison and all that she has seen in her two and a half years of life has been inside the small world of a jail. Her eyes that investigate everything with curiosity and her mind that is so quick to learn… so attached to her mother since she is all she’s known.

Today, her mother, determined to do what’s best for her, has given us Sara to care for. The detachment from her mother pierces me; not just my heart but my whole being. Nothing is easy to process… but love is not selfish and that is what’s the best for Sara.

She hasn’t seen the world outside. She doesn’t know what a dog is, or a cat, buses, cars, houses. She doesn’t know anything about anything, all that she has seen has been on TV and not in the physical world.

But, because of God who has given His only Son to “live and die” for us, there is a group of people who are “giving their lives” so that the children are loved and taken care of, so that they receive all that a child deserves to have… opportunities. I am not saying “the best” opportunities that we all search for for our children. These children don’t have any opportunities altogether.

Sara is happy, but she still cries sometimes… But she talks quite a bit, eats, attends her preschool classes and is very much loved. One more life is changing, transforming… and that is because of the people that work in Mi Casita and because of each person that has contributed for this dream to become a reality!

A huge thank you to everyone for what you are doing!

-Written by Tita Evertsz, translated by Inna Sinkevych

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