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Tina Breshears Is Joining The Lemonade International Team In Guatemala

We are excited to announce the addition of a new team member who will be joining us in Guatemala in January of 2012 – working with Rebecca Gant as a Sponsorship Coordinator.

Tina Breshears is a great friend of the team in Guatemala and has spent a significant amount of time volunteering her time in La Limonada over the past few years. We want to give Tina the opportunity to introduce herself to you now so you have a chance to get to know her (if you don’t already) and so you have an opportunity to support her financially as she serves with us.

Hello, everyone! My name is Tina. I’m 23 and from California.

My first experience with Guatemala and La Limonada was during a trip with my church trip in 2008. We did a sort of “ministry tour” to be a part of and encourage different ministries throughout Guatemala City. Though we spent the same amount of time with all of the ministries, La Limonada grabbed my heart. Though I could not understand why, I cried for hours after saying goodbye to the children from the school. My heart was broken. For about a year after returning from that trip, my mind and heart remained focused on La Limonada and my desire to return. I decided to take a month-long trip during my summer vacation to spend more time with Tita and her amazing team.

However……God had other plans! He made it very clear to me that one month was not long enough and that He wanted me to work harder to graduate college sooner and commit six months to being in Guatemala. I, of course, ran from the idea. Six months is a long time! But… God won. And I’m so glad He did! During the next year or so, as I was cramming to finish college and prepare myself for the adventure, God singlehandedly dismantled my life. Everything that was important to me, everything that I had built my life on and leaned against was removed and only God and I remained. At the time this was very disheartening, but today I can see the pure beauty of it all! I arrived in Guatemala in June 2010 a very broken and uncertain person. God used my time in Guatemala to rebuild my heart and remind me of the passion and love that He has given me for the children of La Limonada. I grew closer to God than I ever thought possible and the beauty in that is miraculous.

And so I arrived home in December of 2010 a completely changed person. The “life plan” I had left in California awaited me and I began the next steps I had laid out for myself. But as I walked through these steps, I quickly realized that my passion for all of it had left me. My heart only thought of Guatemala. I faced a tough decision. I knew that I could stay and teach in the U.S. and live a very happy life. I also knew from my experience that I would be very happy serving as a missionary in Guatemala. As I thought of it, I realized that there are thousands of people in my city alone who can say they would be happy as a teacher in the U.S., but that very few can say they would honestly be happy serving in another country. God must have created me for a purpose. I cancelled my applications and took a waitressing job not really knowing what was next.

After many months of prayer, I felt God’s calling back to Guatemala. I contacted Lemonade International and asked if I could be considered for the Child Sponsorship Coordinator position that would be opening up in January and here I am writing this blog post (a rather long one at that)! I don’t know where this new path is heading, but I am more than excited to return back to the place that means so much to me! I am passionate for the kids of La Limonada and I am ecstatic to be able to serve them in a program that has blessed them immensely! I thank all of you who are sponsoring children and I look forward to meeting and working with you!


The best way to support Tina is through a monthly financial commitment. You can do so on our Donation Page by selecting the “Support A Team Member” fund and choosing Tina’s name in the drop-down menu that appears. Thanks for your prayers and support as she follows God’s call to serve the people of La Limonada!

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