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The Teachers Receive Their Bonuses!

Thanks to the generosity of so many of you, we were able to pay 34 teachers and workers at both schools in La Limonada a fair wage for the month of December.

Just a few days ago they had a party and shared some special time together… and were provided with their bonus checks. The smiles on their faces are captivating!

The day the bonuses were distributed, Tita shared this with us:

“Today we had the honor and joy to give the bonus checks to the teachers. There was so much joy, happiness and thankfulness and surprises!!!!! There were also some tears too. One of the teachers was really crying and shared with me that last night she did not have any money for her kids for the next month, and she was asking God what was going to happen… and today she receive this!!!!!!”

They all wanted to extend their gratitude to you for your generosity.

Our goal this year is to increase the salaries of the teachers to reflect a fair wage in Guatemala City. By sponsoring a teacher you can not only help to provide one of them with this, but you can build a relationship with one of them and have an impact on their lives through prayer.

Go to lemonadeinternational.org and click on “The Schools” and “Who” then “Sponsor” to learn more.

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