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The Symbol Behind a Gift

This is an odd scene: simple toys still unwrapped, in their original packaging, hanging on a wall. Just showing this picture with no explanation would leave one confused, wondering why on earth these toys aren’t being played with by whatever children live in the house. But there is a story behind these enshrined toys.

The toys belong to Carlita and Mimi. They were gifted to them by their “padrinos”, or sponsors, through Lemonade International. While it is sure that the intent of the gifts was for the girls to play with them, they remain untouched for a very simple reason: they are symbolic. Symbolic of the love that was behind them, symbolic of the connection that extends beyond the borders of Guatemala and the US, symbolic of the hope that the sponsorship program gives these kids.

Such a simple gesture means the world to the children of La Limonada. So much so that the fear of breaking or dirtying small toys is enough to keep them encased and pinned to a wall, in a showcase of the symbolism behind them.

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