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The Story of Don Tono

Sometimes there is such beauty in the ordinary people around us. Its easy to go about our daily lives and not notice the seemingly simplistic people that surround us. Poverty is largely hidden from view here in the US, only out in the open in “poor” neighborhoods or on big city streets. Coming from the comfort of the US, its a bit harder to pass by those that fall into that category in La Limonada, probably because they are everywhere.

Here is the story of Don Tono, one of the “ordinary”.

Don Tono is considered slightly mentally handicapped by society’s standards, due to a stroke that he suffered. Each day he sets up “shop” on a plastic tarp with assorted goods for sale, such as stickers, nail files, old toys, bracelets and used hair pins. This trade gives him hope, something to live for every day. The beauty with Don Tono is that he repeats his ritual of setting up shop, only to make little or no sales. His perseverance is a lesson to any of us who struggle with our daily lives.

Last week, a group from Life Of Hope decided that they were going do Pollyanna gifts for each other, purchasing all the items from Don Tono’s shop. The day the group bought the gifts, Don Tono burst into tears. Before that, a good day was selling total 4 or 5 quetzales ($0.35 to $0.50 USD). That day he sold 58 quetzales ($7.15 USD) in products to the Life of Hope.

Something as simple as buying gifts from Don Tono proved the beauty of his hope. He held on to the hope of being rewarded for his perseverance, and his faithfulness was recognized through this story.

Hopefully we can all learn something today from Don Tono.

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