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The Schools Have Names

Since the second school was established on “the other side” in La Limonada we have been referring to it as “the second school”, “School #2”, “Esculeita #2”,and “the school on the other side”. This was getting a little confusing and it was becoming a challenge in our communication with people in La Limonada and here in the States.

So, now the schools officially have names.

The original school will now be known as “Escuelita Limón” or simply “Limón” (which translates to “lemon” in English). The second school will be known as “Escuelita Mandarina” or simply “Mandarina” (which translates to “mandarin” or “orange” in English).

The school color for Esculeita Limón will be green (because a lemon in Guatemala is a lime to us here in the States… but that’s a whole different story), and for Escuelita Mandarina the school color will be orange (a Mandarin orange is a common orange for people in Guatemala.).

As you can see… we are sticking with the fruit theme that is in keeping with the name of the community – “La Limonada”. This makes things fun for the kids and helps provide a sense of identity for them in relation to where they go to school in La Limonada. We think the fruit theme also provides a good metaphor for what we believe will develop in the lives of the children whose lives are transformed through these two schools.

There is more fruit to come… both in more schools in La Limonada and more lives that will be forever changed!

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